Leonards sleepwalking: 13 iron 3-point 8-0

 Leonards sleepwalking: 13 iron 3-point 8-0

This is the Clippers second warm-up game. In the first game, Leonard played only 19 minutes and scored 9 points and 3 rebounds. However, Rowe, who scored 22 points on the field, failed to return to the field in time due to family reasons, and Leonard played more actively. Just one minute into the game, Leonard broke through the small throw and scored the teams first goal, then helped Reggie Jackson three-point hit.

In an attack, Leonard dribbled the ball to his feet and was snatched and pushed back by Bacun. He immediately used color in the attack end, accelerated one step from the bottom corner of the right side to pass the opponent and complete the double handed smash, which was also the biggest highlight of his whole game.

In the second half, Leonard was completely reduced to blacksmith. He made a jump shot to strike the iron. After shaking continuously, he took a step backward. All kinds of three-point only resulted in the sound of bang. Moreover, the more iron he hit, the higher he got, the more he failed to hit the ball, which made Leonards mentality fluctuate and was cut off by eight villages. The ball team also changed from leading to lagging behind.

With about 4 minutes left in the third quarter, Leonard left the court early according to the coachs arrangement, and did not play in the last quarter. He was in a terrible state and had no shooting touch. Although its just a warm-up game, Leonard has only five days to adjust, because their opening game will be against the No. 1 Lakers in the West.