Hulk, 34, wants to return to Porto next year

 Hulk, 34, wants to return to Porto next year


Different from the traditional Brazilian internationals early experience of playing in Europe, Hulk became famous in the Japanese League. In the 2008 / 09 season, Hulk only came to Europe, his first stop was Porto. Hulk was once captain of Porto, scoring 77 goals in 170 appearances for Porto. After leaving Porto, Hulk spent three and a half years in Zenit, St. Petersburg, Russia, before joining Shanghai in 2016.

The record pointed out that Porto president Pinto da Costa had already understood Hulks idea, and he was also interested in inviting him back. Porto is the Portuguese super champion this season. If Porto can qualify from the Champions League group stage, Hulk will be able to represent Porto in the Champions League knockout.

What is certain is that if Hulk chooses to return to Porto, he will say goodbye to high salary. In Shanghai, Hulks annual salary is as high as 23.4 million euro. Portos team top salary belongs to Casillas, Saint Igers annual salary is 7 million euro. And Porto in order to save wages, once in the 17 / 18 season Cassie demoted as a substitute, and tried to force him to leave the team.

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