Chelsea vs wolves look forward: Kantor or return, Lampard will win the Champions League with one point

 Chelsea vs wolves look forward: Kantor or return, Lampard will win the Champions League with one point

Chelsea are in fourth place in the table, with third placed Manchester United in third place on goal difference, with Leicester only one point ahead of fifth place. Because of the direct dialogue between Manchester United and Leicester in the last round, as long as Chelsea get one point, the two teams will not be able to surpass the blue team at the same time, and will guarantee at least the top four rankings of the season and the tickets for the Champions League next season. The two teams met for the first time this season, and the blues won 5-2 away, giving their opponents the biggest score of the season. At home, of course, Chelsea are full of confidence. Of course, Chelsea cant be too confident. If Chelsea lose at home, it will be worse. Once the blues lose and Manchester United and Leicester draw, the blue fox will share the same score with Chelsea, but the goal advantage will surpass that of Chelsea to kick the blues out of next seasons Champions League.

Cantor is expected to come back for help

There are no major players injured in the Chelsea squad. The attacking line headed by pritchy is in good condition recently, but the defence is full of holes. Since the beginning of July, the performances of all fronts of Chelsea have been extremely unstable. They can win against Manchester United, and they can also be poked into three holes by West Ham and Sheffield United. In particular, poor defensive likelihood, Lampard has carried out many rotations and tests, but has not found the best configuration. Cantors return may be good news for Lampard. The Frenchman, who has been out of battle for a long time, has recovered from injury and returned to training, but whether the return of the war depends on Lampards arrangement and the final training state. As long as Cantor can play, it is bound to bring a great degree of improvement to the blue defence.

Draw masters wolves want to win away

Wolves have drawn 14 of their 37 league matches this season, making them the most drawn team in the Premier League (tied with Arsenal). Wolves ranked sixth, three points behind Leicester, the Champions League is hopeless, can only focus on ensuring the qualification of the Europa League, for next seasons Europa League tickets will do their best. Wolves will have to fight for three points even at Stamford Bridge, because only by making sure they win can they win next seasons Europa League ticket. Otherwise, if they cant win Chelsea, Spurs will be overtaken if they win in the Crystal Palace, and they may lose the chance to play in Europe next season.

Forecast the first time

Chelsea (343): Kepa / aspiriqueta, Zuma, ludig / James, jozhnio, Kovac, Marcos Alonso / William, Abrahan, pljic

Wolves (343): Patricio / Boli, Cody, Seth / Doherty, Nevis, mutinio, Jonny / Traore, Jimenez, rota

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