What kind of girl do rich people like

 What kind of girl do rich people like

Many people think that rich people like young and beautiful ones, but not all of them.

Young and beautiful is no longer competitive. In that dimension, as long as you pass the gold line of that face, the rest of the competition will be colorful and blooming.

Lets start with Wang manis characteristics.

Today, we dont talk about love, we only talk about game and hunter.

I also hope that when you encounter some unequal relationship, you can implicitly regard it as love, but in fact, we should believe that some fresh exchange and mutual exploration are far from reaching the stage of love.

The first thing to notice is that shes beautiful, just basic.

Whats more, she is alone in the executive class. When she is alone, she will be more likely to hunt. Will the hunter attack a group of rabbits, or will a rabbit set a net? Thats one, of course. Thats more sure.

The hunter is carefully observing its rabbit, to see whether she is a person to play with the white rich beauty, or from the ordinary cabin to take the elevator to hunt the beautiful little white rabbit.

Its not that you cant chase Pea Princess. Pea Princess has seen too much with him in the same world. They wear the same Gaoding and red soled shoes, taste the same afternoon tea, fly around and buy on behalf of others. Their major is costume design or cello. Their faces are too facial. They may be suitable marriage partners and become Mrs. Wang or Mrs. Xu, but they break into this by chance The worlds little white rabbit, obviously more interesting.

From another point of view, the delicious food that he asked the chef to make was ordinary everyday for Pea Princess, but for the rabbit, it showed a different world.

He took her to see another wonderful scenery. In return, it was the bowl of scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Tomato scrambled eggs are not special, but pea princesses will not do it. They may be able to fry steak and make afternoon tea cake, but the cooking fume of a dish will definitely make them face a formidable enemy.

Because refuse, so precious, because enough is not available, let the man be sure that the girl is not casual, so can, next, a new story.

Its just an affair, but some things cant be.

This man originally chose Wang mani. She was chosen because of her beauty and simplicity.

Dimension reduction is simple enough.

But Wang Manni doesnt refuse romance, but she doesnt waste herself and increases the difficulty, which is very interesting.

Frankly speaking, whether the kiss goes on or not is the same as whether the story is interesting enough for Wang mani and the man.

Its just one night. Its nothing.

But do not kiss, but become a mans unforgettable memory.

It turns out that this girl is really not casual.

Even if a man wants to be casual, he will like her more because the girl is not very casual.

Then there was Shanghai.

Wang Manni, I really want to go back.

Because its so hard, its really over.

The last word of catch is still in the same word.

Wang mani has done a lot of things well, such as making up her mind when she said she would not marry.

When men are looking for short-term love goals, they often dont like girls who are also looking for short-term love goals.

They like girls who want to find husbands.

It is a short-term love, but also looking forward to the other partys enthusiastic investment.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha man.