Meng Jia is eliminated. Is life really so unfair?

 Meng Jia is eliminated. Is life really so unfair?

As a person who doesnt pay attention to the Korean wave, I really dont know Wang Feifei and Meng Jia before watching this program. However, after watching their dancing and stage, I really think that these two little sisters are very a and their strength is excellent. If they want to form a group, they should have a seat.

However, Meng Jia was finally eliminated because of her two popularity rankings.

When Meng Jia left, her former teammate Wang Feifei cried to herself. She said that the audience did not see Meng Jias good.

Sometimes I think that the program group of sister Lang is a bit snobbish and always starts from people who can afford to offend them.

The more topics there are, the more controversial she is. She would like to have 20 minutes to make a special report in 2 hours (refer to Wan Xi Jing, Zhang Yuqi).

The first person to be eliminated is Shen Mengchen, but I really think Shen Mengchen is very good. Originally, my feeling for her was limited to Du Haitaos girlfriend. However, her strength is also very online, especially the expressions on the stage are very a person.

Of course, whether the program group is snobbish or not? Im guessing in a blind way. The popularity of the live audience is taken as the rating standard, and there may be notaries who cant fake it?

After Meng Jia was eliminated yesterday, if the number of votes could not be falsified, I began to question whether the 500 viewers could represent the majority of the audience. After all, the full screen was a pity for Meng Jia.

However, after thinking about it later, there was a time lag between the broadcast and recording of the program. The live audience could not see Meng Jias rehearsal details like us, and they couldnt know more about her. Therefore, only relying on the live performance, the ruler measured in the audiences mind was probably the eye edge and the love accumulated for her sisters.

It may feel unfair to think about it like this. In a competition that is obviously better than strength, it has lost because of popularity.

Meng Jia and Wang Feifei have no other sister mainstream. Fortunately, Wang Feifei has formed a team with her popular sisters several times, so she is in a better condition than Meng Jia and gets a little bit of light from other sisters. Especially in the new solo competition, the audiences selection is not to see who dances well, but to see the team behind her.

I like Zhang Hanyun very much, but in terms of strength, she really has no reason to be ahead of Meng Jia. Whats more, before that, Zhang Hanyuns personal popularity also ranked very low. A large part of her was won on behalf of Zhang Yuqi.

In these consecutive issues, I can clearly see that Meng Jias momentum is getting weaker and weaker, especially after she has been given music that doesnt please the scene twice in a row, shes all down.

Being graded by others is really a matter of psychological endurance, especially being scored by others liking. It is not like the objective question of an exam. It is right to choose a and wrong to choose B. there is a standard answer.

In fact, Meng Jia is quite like many girls in our life. She is very hard-working, but she is very flat, so that you can remember this girl because she works very hard, and there is nothing else.

But there are so many hard-working and excellent girls that one thing needs to be remembered.

LAN Yingyings business ability is also very good. Although she is not as professional as Meng Jia, she is also a person who does what she looks like. Her dancing is not vague. You can see from the personal show that her movements and expressions are enough for the womens team, but she can be remembered because of her outstanding personality.

LAN Yingying is to win. She does not hide her ambition and ruthlessness. Even if she gives others a sense of suffocation, even if many people dont like her, she can make people remember her, because she wants to win, so many people like her.

Meng Jia, on the other hand, doesnt cry, doesnt make noise and doesnt do anything. She just dances and asks herself not to make mistakes. Especially when she comes from the background of a Korean trainee, she doesnt dare to make mistakes. She doesnt know that its acceptable to make mistakes to show weakness and act coquetry. There is no Meng Jia.

Like Zhang Hanyuns evaluation of her, they are asking themselves to be a giant without mistakes.

At the same time, Wang Feifei and Yuan Yonglin, who are similar to Meng Jia, were set up.

Sometimes I think about this problem, I feel that I can have a lot of labels, hard work, generous, good temper But there are too many people like this, but they are not popular. What they do will not be remembered by the first one. As a person who doesnt make mistakes, he usually appears in the insurance scheme.

On the contrary, the popular people around him are not only outstanding in business ability, but also distinctive in character.

The ordinary sister who only works hard and has a topic that is interesting and hard-working, who the program team stays and who the audience chooses, is also free answer.

It is not unfair to think that Meng Jia was eliminated.

At the same time, it can also make people reflect on why she hasnt aroused any big spark since she came back from South Korea, and what she lacks. Since she has enough strength and beauty, those who should be tutored in other aspects should be tutored and those who should be in full bloom should be in full bloom,

We ordinary girls are the same. No matter whether we dont have a boyfriend or if we dont have a breakthrough in our work, we can actually find an answer. If we want to change, we can change if we dont want to. There is no problem.

There are many inequalities in life, but many of them are fair, and we do not know. We has the final say.