Seven poems fly into the dream

 Seven poems fly into the dream

The first dream: traveling with your best friend

A dream

Tang Dynasty: Bai Juyi

There are eight seasons in Xianyang.

You buried the mud under the spring,

I send a world full of snow.

Ah Wei and Han Lang went to visit each other,

Do you know at night?

Eight years after Yuan Zhens death, Bai Juyi still dreamt that when he was young, they would travel hand in hand, point out the rivers and mountains, and talk and laugh with each other. When I wake up in the morning, I suddenly realize that the happiness in my dream is so real, but the reality is that my best friend is no longer in the world. With such a strong contrast, I cant stop my tears.

This dream embodies the poets yearning for his best friend.

The second dream: dream back to Jiangnan

Song Dynasty: Zhou Bangyan

Burn Chenxiang, eliminate heat.

The bird calls the fine, invades the dawn peeps the eaves language.

On the leaves the sun is dry and the rain is dry, and the water surface is clear and round,

One by one.

My hometown is far away. When will I go?

He lived in Wumen and had been a Changan tourist for a long time.

Do you remember each other in May?

Small boat, dream into Furong PU.

Hometown is the eternal spiritual home of all wandering people.

Zhou Bangyan lived in Changan. On a hot summer day, the lotus leaves were clear and round after the rain, and the lotus swayed in the wind. He couldnt help feeling that the lotus in his hometown in the south of the Yangtze River should be more beautiful? At night, the little boat rowed and rowed to the wind and lotus of the West Lake.

This dream is engraved with nostalgia in the poets bones.

The third dream: prosperity in the past

The rain rippling outside the curtain

Five Dynasties: Li Yu

Outside the curtain, the rain murmurs, and spring is in the wane.

I dont know who I am in my dream,

For a while.

Dont lean on the fence alone,

Its easier to see than to see.

Flowing water and flowers, spring also, heaven and earth.

When the past like smoke, the past is no longer prosperous, do you also like Li Yu general, in the dream of a moment of greed?

The fourth dream: golden age and iron horse

Broken time: to write Zhuang CI for Chen Tongfu

Song Dynasty: Xin Qiji

Drunk in the light of the sword, dream back to the corner.

Its eight hundred Li,

The sound of fifty strings turning over the plug,

In autumn, soldiers are called on the battlefield.

The horse makes Lu fly fast, and his bow is like a thunderbolt.

To end the affairs of kings and kings,

Win the fame of life and death.

Poor white happened!

For Xin Qiji, who has been a hero all his life, the battlefield is his home court. Only the horn can make his blood boil. Drunk in a trance, I heard the sound of military drums in my dream, and the horses rushed to the battlefield.

So happy, wake up, it is a pity that he has white hair.

The fifth dream: get together with your lover

Magpie Bridge Fairy

Song Dynasty: Qin Guan

The cloud is tricky, the flying star spreads hate,

The silver man is far away.

As soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet,

It will win the world countless.

Tender like water, happy season like dream,

Bear with the magpie bridge back!

If the two love for a long time,

Is it day and night.

Some dreams are my dream.

The Cowherd and the weaver girl, who meet once a year, are far away from each other. I dont know how many times they practiced the scene of magpie bridge meeting in the dream? How many times have you dreamt of the ordinary days that we can keep each other day by day?

The sixth dream: entering the fairyland


Tang Dynasty: Li He

The half open wall of the cloud building is slanting white.

Jade wheel rolling dew wet group light,

Luan Pei meets GUI Xiang mo.

At the foot of the three mountains of yellow dust and clear water,

Its a thousand years old.

Nine cigarettes in Qizhou,

A pool of sea water in a cup.

There are also some dreams, no logic and reason, just the imagination wantonly.

The seventh dream: life is like a dream

Song Dynasty: Su Shi

As the river goes eastward, the waves wash away,


To the west of the old base, humanity is,

Three Kingdoms Zhou Lang Chibi.

Riprap through the sky, waves lapping on the shore,

Roll up a thousand piles of snow.

When Gongjin was young, Qiao got married,

Feather fan, silk scarf, talking and laughing,

The masts and oars are gone.

When I am in my hometown, I should laugh at me,

My hair is bright early.

Life is like a dream, a sprinkle Jiang Yue.

Perhaps, life itself is a dream.

Zhuang Zhou dreamt of butterflies. He did not know whether he had become a butterfly or whether he had become himself. Life is short, in the long history of the long river is just a drop in the ocean. We are busy, blink of an eye, a lifetime passed.

Yes, life is like a big dream, and what we have to do is to seize every moment, worthy of this grand dream.

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