Todays sun is red, tomorrows flowers are more beautiful

 Todays sun is red, tomorrows flowers are more beautiful

With the growth of age and rich experience, you will feel that the more pragmatic, the more stable, the stronger, the better life, the more afraid of hardship, the more tired, the more care, the more weak, the more failure. Do yourself well, mentality is very important, timid, the more accidents. The more you complain about others, the more miserable you are in the unhappy mood, and even unable to extricate yourself.

Walking in the sunshine, living in a warm home with a smile, you will always have a bright heart. Regardless of men and women, to middle age pressure, temper tantrums, as far as possible to control the best. Take on the responsibility of filial piety to parents, teach children well, overcome unnecessary quarrels, understand each other and correct each others shortcomings. The family will be harmonious, warm and happy.

Fate makes you live in a pot, which is the blessing of the three generations. We must be grateful to each other. When you have it, please cherish it. When you turn around, please be elegant. When you say goodbye, please smile. Turn around, is a lifetime, dont let life leave regret.

In the world, you are telling other peoples stories, others are telling your stories. You are looking at other peoples scenery, others are looking at your scenery, there is nothing unexpected, human affairs, everyone has.

Life is not wide, the road is narrow, a wide heart, wide heaven and earth. Be yourself first, no matter what others do to you. Do not do their own women, do not do their men, so that the family to achieve harmonious coexistence, everything is smooth, it is difficult.

The charm of a man is not in money position, but in tolerance. The charm of a woman lies not in her beauty, but in her good heart.

Friends say that men are relieved, wealth is rolling, women are kind, and family and three generations are prosperous. The best way to make muddy water clear is to let it quiet down. Only when the turbid things gradually sink to the bottom of the water can the water be clear and transparent.

Life, do not miss the good scenery, miss the summer flowers gorgeous, difficult to have the quiet beauty of autumn leaves. No matter how painful, sad and wronged you are, you should learn to be strong! You cant get out of bed in front of difficulties. Only by going forward can you get a brilliant life.

Everyone who lives in the world of mortals will encounter the fruit hanging on the top of the tree. The wise man will circle the tree three times, pick it when you can reach it, think of a way if you cant reach it, and choose to leave if you cant reach it.

Those greedy and stupid people will walk three times left and three times right under the tree. If they cant reach it, they will not be willing to go. They will be tortured and exhausted, and finally fall under the tree and be heartbroken

People, who want to be happy and beautiful. Everyone wants to rely on, and everyone wants someone to love you. However, everyone has difficulties and busy things. They will not be so by the way, so comprehensive, and take care of one person. Therefore, it is better to learn to take care of yourself than to expect anyone.

Everyone along the way, bumpy, whose feet there is no blood bubble? Who has no hidden injury in his heart? Smile in front of people, sad after people, who is not pretending to be indifferent? Are constantly falling, constantly bumping into the wall, who is not biting his lips to continue?

Maslow said: if the mentality changes, attitude changes; attitude changes, habits change; habits change, personality changes; personality changes, life changes.

As long as the mentality is strong enough, the so-called abyss is boundless. If you go on, you will have a long way to go.

A young man went to an interview, and suddenly an old man in plain clothes rushed up and said, I can find you. Thank you so much! Last time in the park, it was you who rescued my daughter from the lake

You must be mistaken, sir! I didnt save your daughter Said the young man sincerely. Its you, its you, its not wrong! The old man said positively again.

The young man explained, its not really me! Ive never been to the park. After hearing this, the old man let go of his hand and said in disappointment, am I wrong?

A few days later, the young man received the appointment notice and went to report for duty. He met the old man again. He said with concern and asked, has your daughters savior found? No, I never found him! The old man walked away in silence

It turns out that this old man is the president of the company that I was admitted to. Transparent heart, loyalty, sunshine, no haze, will let a person go higher and farther. Todays sun is red, tomorrows flowers will be more beautiful.



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