The lowest threshold of choosing a man, why is emotional stability?

 The lowest threshold of choosing a man, why is emotional stability?

At first, the woman did not take the mans words to heart.

When she never thought that when the man looked for himself again, it would be a tragedy.

When the man found the woman again to talk about money, he drove the woman to the graveyard. Because everything was not settled, the two men froze in the car for half an hour.

During this period, the woman boss called to talk to the woman about her work. Unexpectedly, he angered the man. The man took out the knife prepared in advance from the drivers seat. The woman saw this and hurriedly got out of the car to escape.

After catching up with the woman, the man pressed her on the ground and took out a knife to scratch her face. The man snatched her cell phone to prevent her from escaping.

After that, the woman begged the man to take her to the hospital. Although he promised, he drove the car more and more sideways. The woman noticed something wrong and tried to run off the car several times, but she was caught again. Even the man tied her up with a rope. In order to prevent her from being found, she turned off her mobile phone.

Fortunately, someone called the police afterwards, and the woman was rescued, but the wound on her face could not be eliminated.

Although this kind of human tragedy is not the first time, it still makes people shiver every time.

Love the wrong person, not only will suffer psychological suffering, but also may endanger life.

What kind of man you choose is what kind of destiny you choose.

Once a girl finds something wrong with a man in love, she must turn around and leave in time.


If you meet such a man, please step back

1) If there is a conflict, it will threaten the other party

Its normal to meet conflicts in love and have differences.

It is inevitable to make noise because it is aimed at the matter itself and the purpose is to solve the problem. Therefore, I will express my own views and discuss this issue.

But if you rise to threaten the other side, its another thing.

For example, in the above event, the man once told the woman: you dont give me money, dont listen to me, I make you, believe it or not.

In love, if you meet a man who says cruel words, dont subjectively feel that he said this is just angry, or just frighten yourself, then you will not go to your heart.

Once upon a time, any joke has a serious component, not to mention the threat blurted out in the quarrel.

This has been confirmed by countless tragedies, which once caused a sensation in the whole network of Peking University Girl suicide incident. When a girl Bao Li fails to fulfill mu Linhans wish, the other party insults and belittles her, and threatens her with suicide. Finally, Bao Li collapses completely and chooses to commit suicide to tie her own life.

If a man makes a cruel remark and threatens a girl for the first time, he must be careful. There are many threats as follows:

If you dont love me, Ill make your secrets and photos public.

Dont push me. I can do anything.

When a girl hears similar words, please dont think that he is the lucky one. Please dont think he looks so honest at ordinary times. This kind of thing cant happen and will not happen to yourself. Dont take it lightly.

If the situation is serious and you are afraid that he will do harm to yourself, please ask your trusted relatives and friends for help. If personal safety is involved, please take up legal weapons and ask the police for help. Dont take it lightly, and dont let the bad guys have a chance.

2) If you cant solve the problem, do it

Men who cant solve problems and start to beat others usually have the tendency of domestic violence. At the same time, they are also the perpetrators in a relationship. On the other hand, it also shows that they have no ability and responsibility to solve problems. Hands on is the lowest and most unsolvable way to solve problems.

After hitting their partner, many men kneel down to apologize and cry bitterly, saying that they were unintentional and would not commit it again next time. However, when there is a contradiction next time, it is as if I have lost my memory. I forget all the words I said before, and still wave my fist to solve the problem with violence.

Some people say that domestic violence and cheating, only 0 and countless times. Last year, there was a hot search of the Internet red domestic violence incident. It was a girl named Yu Ya who published a video of her being raped on her micro blog. Her boyfriend tuotuotuo dragged her out as a animal in the elevator. The video was shocking. I cant believe that this is the work of a modest and gentle man on the surface.

When Yu Ya broke out that she had been raped, it was her fifth domestic violence in a short year. After each domestic violence, he assured her that it would not be in the future, and she agreed with her in a soft heart.

But what will happen, or happened, and more and more cruel, more and more dangerous.

For men with domestic violence tendency, dont bear it. Every time you forbear, you will give him another chance to hurt you. Every time you compromise, you will give him a chance to make mistakes again.

Dont think that relying on his own power can make him prodigal son back, a person without conscience and moral constraints, only authority can shock him.

No matter what a mans position is, as long as he shows violence to girls, he must stay away from him and do a good job in self-protection.

According to the marriage law of our country, if one party uses violence or maltreatment or abandonment of family members, causing the other party to ask for divorce, divorce shall be granted. If a divorce is caused by violence or maltreatment of a family member, the innocent party shall have the right to claim damages.

Or in love, when violence occurs, you must keep the evidence and report to the public security. 12338 is the public welfare hotline of the all China Womens Federation, and you can ask for help when necessary.

Once a violent person reaches the emotional high point, he is like a wild horse out of a stiff state. If he cant control his own behavior, he should start from being far away from them.


The key to finding a man is to look at these points

1) To you is one of his strengths, not all of them

Many men who have violence tendency and cause physical and mental harm to their wives are good to their girlfriends at the beginning. They are gentle and considerate and will take care of others, but later they become ghost like.

In the recent hit drama secret corner, Zhang Dongshengs occupation is a teacher. When he is in school, he is always gentle and kind to others.

In front of his family and his lover, he loves his wife with all his heart. After work, he goes home with his wife, cooks and cooks. He is obedient to his wife and takes good care of others;

He is also respectful and considerate to his father-in-law and his mother-in-law; he is the model of a good man in the eyes of the world.

But it was such a man who brutally killed his father-in-law, his mother-in-law and his wife.

So, a mans being nice to you is one of his strengths, but it cant be the main reason to be a girl with him or marry him.

In addition to being nice to you, we have to see what kind of character this man is, what kind of dark side or extreme side he has in his character, which may be his most real appearance.

2) A mans sense of responsibility is more important than he loves you

Maybe a lot of people will think, two people together, should not be love the most important?

But in fact, its not. Human nature cant stand the temptation, especially the man. If he loves you again, he may like another girl at the same time.

In the South Korean drama husband and wifes world, the cheating Li taio says that he loves his original wife, Chi Shanyu, and his third son, Lu Duojing. Mens nature is to like novelty and novelty. They are eager for the unknown and are willing to pursue what they have not. It is against his nature to love only one woman.

If a man has a sense of responsibility, he will have a sense of responsibility to his lover and his family, and he will keep his promises and fulfill his obligations accordingly.

How much responsibility a man has is more important than how much he loves you.

No matter whether the girl wants to check his mobile phone, read his wechat chat records, or ask him to report his whereabouts all the time, he has countermeasures to hide from the girls.

No man can be controlled by a girl, but when he has a sense of responsibility, he knows what should be done and what should not be done, and can control his own desire, so that he can be responsible for the other half.

3) Whether he has dignity or not? If a person doesnt want dignity, what else does he care about;

If he doesnt have a baseline, he can do anything.

We can see that in those tragic feelings, there is actually a basis to follow. For example, when facing a break-up, one party is always fighting with dignity, and the behavior is often very vigorous and desperate to keep a person.

This kind of persons character is often very extreme, rather for jade broken than tile, oneself cant get, also dont want to let others get.

Before falling in love, it is actually necessary to communicate with the bottom line to find out what the acceptance range of the other party is, what the requirements of the other party are, and whether they are extreme.

Understanding the emotional state of the other person before, a persons treatment of the former and the current will not be too different. Understand clearly, then see whether you can accept such a person, if you notice that the other party is different, or there is an unequal treaty, you should stop loss in time. To love yourself is to stay away from all the people who may hurt you.

The author is good at understanding peoples mind, managing emotions and pursuing self-development. Be good at listening to the inner voice and guide the readers to see their true inner side so as to find themselves. Believing in yourself is the greatest strength.