My mother: at the age of 25, she was forced to marry her brother-in-law and become a mother of three children

 My mother: at the age of 25, she was forced to marry her brother-in-law and become a mother of three children

More enviable is: she has a very good family, three brothers and sisters, she is the youngest, elder brother and sister pet her, parents also love her.

We think such a family is a fairy family, which is enviable.

From her intermittent talk after drinking, she was surprised to learn that: todays seemingly happy family has been in the haze for a period of time.

However, their family, efforts to come, broken mirror reunion..

Its her aunt who calls mother now.

At that time, her mother was weak. After giving birth to the youngest Beibei, her health was even worse.

When Beibei was 6 years old, her 35 year old mother had an accident and died on the spot. Fortunately, her father was only slightly injured, but not his life.

However, mothers sudden death, all of a sudden led to the whole family panic.

At that time, Beibei was 6 years old, her sister was 8 years old, and her brother was 10 years old. All of them were still ignorant. They were in primary school, and they needed the love of their parents.

During that time, Dad seemed to have lost his head overnight. He didnt know how to face his three children, and he couldnt accept the sudden departure of his wife with hair.

Beibeis mother has a sister, that is, her little aunt. The two sisters have a good relationship.

When the three brothers and sisters were young, they would receive awards from their aunts for their birthdays or academic achievements, sometimes some comic books and occasionally some bookmarks.

After her sister died, she was very sad. She cried for many nights and her eyes were swollen.

At that time, my aunt was 25 years old. She was young at that time. She graduated from a famous school for one year. She worked in a good unit with good benefits. There were a lot of people chasing her.


Its a pity that my aunt has no heart for children and daughters. She has devoted herself to her studies. After graduation, she has also been admitted to a good unit, which makes her grandmother and grandfather feel particularly bright on her face.

The death of her sister seems to be rewriting the fate of my aunt. Her original good life has become heavy.

The elders around said: the children are still young, need to have a mother, aunt and sisters feelings are originally relatively deep, I hope aunt to help take care of it.

Even said: Pro aunt care, will be better than outsiders to take care of ah.

They all advised my aunt to think about it. They also said that she was single and would consider marrying her brother-in-law.

How can I marry my brother-in-law when I cant accept it at the beginning? This is a betrayal of my sister.

However, watching the child cry hysterically, it is really too poor for the child, half agreed.

After the younger sister became the caregiver of Beibeis three brothers and sisters, they did not change their names to mother.

In those years, my aunt and father took good care of them and raised them to adulthood.

It was not until Beibeis college entrance examination ended that she released her scores, and her aunt and father only went to apply for the marriage certificate.

On that day, their family sat around for dinner. Beibei thought of her aunts efforts over the years and even gave up her suitors with better conditions. She felt that her family owed her a lot.

In tears, she called a mother to her aunt, and she burst into tears.

Brother and sister also hold little aunt crying, the family cry into a group.

Dad gently hugged the little aunt, said: Im really sorry, these years, hard you.

That is to say, from that day on, my father formally called her my wife.

It seems that, is to give an account of the general, also do not want to let aunt have been carrying any pressure.

Later, my sister-in-law has not had children, she has no children of her own.

She managed her family with all her heart, as if she wanted to fulfill her sisters unfinished mission at that time. She regarded the three Beibei brothers and sisters as her own children with no regrets.


Until Beibei grew up, her love for her aunt began to change.

As a woman, she felt more for her aunt.

My aunt at that time was only 25 years old.

Between greatness and pursuit of self, my aunt had to choose greatness. She loved everything about her.

If, at that time, my aunt refused the request of her elders, she might have another life.

If you fall in love with someone you like, marry and have children, she will have her own family.

My aunt graduated from a famous school and was appreciated by the leaders of the unit. I think she will be promoted in her career.

Aunt is such an excellent person, she could have been very good, she is worthy of love.

Unfortunately, the feelings at that time were too complicated. The little aunt loved her sister, and her sister left. She also loved her sisters child, who lost her mother, and was helpless all of a sudden.

Under the moral pressure of her elders at that time, she was advised to think about it for her children

My aunt had to put away all her dreams and aspirations. She was a single little girl and became the support of her three children

No one asked her what kind of person she wanted to be, but they all interfered in her life, making her a good mother, a good sister and a good wife among other people.

For the choice of aunt, Beibei said, both heartache and helpless.

For the rest of their lives, the three brothers and sisters will certainly take good care of their aunt.

Just as my aunt loved them at that time, she tried her best and had no regrets, as long as she didnt dislike them.

Hope, little aunt can bravely choose for themselves, dont live in the eyes of others.

Whether she is a mother of three children, a mans wife, or the helmsman of her own life, she should first listen to her inner voice.

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