Wife was cheated 300000, foreign white-collar secretly sold kidney to save his wife, this warm crime and punishment

 Wife was cheated 300000, foreign white-collar secretly sold kidney to save his wife, this warm crime and punishment

Ding Baoqiang, 27, lies quietly on the operating table at an underground clinic in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, on November 29, 2010, waiting for doctors to remove his left kidney.

The anesthesiologist injected the anesthetic into Ding Baoqiangs body. His consciousness gradually became blurred, but he thought silently: wife, for you, I will do anything...

What happened, let Ding Baoqiang willing to pay a kidney for his wife?

Just after signing, the client suddenly received a call from his mother, saying that he needed 500000 yuan urgently, but the bank was off work and the check could not be cashed. The customer was so anxious that he asked Zhang Yafang for help. He promised that if Zhang Yafang could help him to get together 500000 yuan, he would issue her a cash check of 1.6 million yuan, including 1 million yuan for insurance, 500000 yuan for repayment of loan, and 100000 yuan for thanks.

Simply Zhang Yafang didnt think much about it, so she transferred the 300000 yuan insurance fund that her bank card had not yet turned in to the company in time to the customers account.

The next day, when Zhang Yafang took the check for 1.6 million yuan to cash in the bank, she was silly. The check was fake, and the customer seemed to have evaporated and could not be contacted again.

That night, Ding Baoqiang returned home late after working overtime. Zhang Yafang was holding her sleeping daughter in her arms and was weeping in secret.

After learning the reason, Ding Baoqiang couldnt bear to blame again: dont worry, we have to report to the police first!

Husband, if I cant return it, I will be arrested! Zhang Yafang sobbed in a low voice.

No, No. Dont worry, Ill find a way to pay back the money. Ding Baoqiang patted his wife on the shoulder and murmured comforting way.

However, 300000 yuan is not a small figure. Although Ding Baoqiang, who works in a foreign enterprise, has a high income, he has spent all his parents and his own money on buying a house, getting married and having children in recent years. In the past two years, the couple have been relying on Ding Baoqiangs income to repay loans and live without any savings. For several days, the couple borrowed money from all over the place, but only got more than 50000 yuan. Zhang Ya Fang could not provide any further information on the case.

The couple had to ask their parents for help. Afraid of the old mans blame, they lied that they wanted to open a business. Although the parents of both sides had already poured out their money to buy a house for their two children to marry, in the end, they still collected 200000 yuan for the little couple.

Its still nearly 50000 yuan short. Ding Baoqiang really has the feeling that he is at the end of his tether.

One night, Ding Baoqiang woke up from the nightmare of his wife being captured by the police. He was no longer sleepy. He quietly came to the study and opened his computer to surf the Internet.

A website named kidney source platform popped up on the website, and Ding Baoqiang opened it casually. The website actually openly purchased kidneys, which was called kidney sellers, providing the most suitable buyer, the best operating environment and accommodation conditions, so that the kidney sellers could get the most reasonable remuneration.

Ding Baoqiang asked the other party about the price of a kidney, and the other party told him: 40000 yuan is the national standard price, and the round-trip travel, examination, operation, hospitalization and nutrition are free of charge. One hour before the operation, 40 thousand yuan was put into your account. Whats more, our success rate of surgery is 100%, and we will be able to recover and go home in one month.

Ding Baoqiangs heart leaped wildly. With the 40000 yuan, the current predicament was easily solved.

Ding Baoqiang ran into Zhang Yafang on an autumn tour in the University. At that time, Zhang Yafang was 17 years old. She was a child education major in Nanjing Jinling Womens college. Soon after meeting, Ding Baoqiang and Zhang Yafang fell in love.

After graduating from Nanjing University in 2006, Ding Baoqiang was employed by a foreign company in Wuxi and soon became the director of the companys design office. Zhang Yafang also became a teacher of a kindergarten in Nanjing. Zhang Yafang decided to give up her job and join Ding Baoqiang in Wuxi. In June 2008, Zhang Yafang left her job in Nanjing and came to Wuxi in spite of her parents opposition. Ding Baoqiang was deeply moved. He held his girlfriend tightly in his arms and said with emotion: I will love you with my life, and I will not let you suffer any injustice.

In August of that year, two young people who had been in love for six years walked into the marriage hand in hand. A year later, they had a beautiful daughter. Days flow quietly in the enviable happiness. Zhang Yafang, who has been idle for two years, has sprouted the idea of working after her daughter went to nursery school. In the friends introduction, she entered an insurance company and started the insurance business.

Who knows that Zhang Yafang just entered the insurance company and was cheated soon.

I cant watch my wife go wrong. I want to save her! Ding Baoqiang lay in bed and made up his mind.

The next morning, Ding Baoqiang told his wife that the company sent him to Fujian on a business trip for a month to discuss a cooperation project. Wife, I will send you 40000 yuan soon after I arrive in Fujian. With my salary this month, I can make up 300000 yuan.

On November 20, 2010, Ding Baoqiang asked for a months sick leave with his unit on the grounds of physical discomfort. According to the agreement with kidney source platform, he came to Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, and lived with two other young kidney sellers. On the afternoon of November 29, an hour before Ding Baoqiang was pushed into the operating room, he dialed his wifes phone: wife, I sent you 40000 yuan. Please check if you have received it.

Soon, Zhang Yafang called back to tell Ding Baoqiang that the money had been received, just in time for the insurance companys closing deadline at the end of the month. Honey, when will you be back? I miss you so much Ding Baoqiang eyes hot: I go home as soon as possible, you take care of yourself and our daughter. With that, Ding Baoqiang hung up the phone in a hurry.

When Ding Baoqiang woke up from anesthesia, it was late at night. He was covered with pipes. He endured terrible loneliness and endless pain in the empty clinic. He thought of his wife who was out of danger. He thought it was worth it.

Shoulder can not bear the burden, incomplete body how can be worthy of family years

A month later, Ding Baoqiang returned to his home in Wuxi.

When she went to bed that night, Zhang Yafang found the long scar on the left side of Ding Baoqiangs body.

Husband, what happened? Zhang Yafang sat up from the bed in horror. However, there was no conflict between Ding Qiang and others

Zhang Yafang beat Ding Baoqiang on the shoulder with tears: why dont you tell me? You are alone in the field, lying in the hospital, and you have no one to take care of you. You have to make my heart ache to death... Ding Baoqiang hugged his wife and murmured, if I didnt tell you, I was afraid you would worry. Dont tell my parents about my injury, or they will be sad

However, Ding Baoqiang felt that his physical strength was not as good as before. His back was sore and he got up more and more times in the middle of the night. Coupled with the tense work rhythm of foreign enterprises, he was often sweating and dizzy, and his work efficiency was greatly reduced.

One day in April 2011, Ding Baoqiang failed to come up with a design plan in charge. The companys boss was in a hurry and asked Ding Baoqiang to go to him: you are not in a good condition recently. Your work is always absent-minded. You are still young, and you have graduated from a famous school. You have a bright future. You cant relax with a little achievement

The general manager tactfully expressed his dissatisfaction. Ding Baoqiang stood there at a loss, his face blue and red.

That night, Ding Baoqiang came home from work. His lovely daughter, more than one year old, rushed into his arms: Dad, take a plane! This is Ding Baoqiang and his daughters favorite game, he put his daughter in the hands of the circle, let her feel the fun of flying.

Looking at his beautiful daughter, Ding Baoqiangs face showed a smile, the haze in his heart gradually dissipated, but just after two circles, he felt weak, and fell on the sofa with his daughter in his arms.

Dad, I want to fly. The daughter who didnt enjoy herself pursed her lips and refused to give up. Zhang Yafang said in a hurry: darling, my father has been working all day. He is too tired. Let him rest. The daughter nodded knowingly and went to play alone.

Zhang Yafang looked at Ding Baoqiang with melancholy. For four months, she had taken good care of her husband and cooked various Nourishing Soup for him every day. However, Ding Baoqiangs injured body did not change significantly.

A few days later, Ding Baoqiang was at work when he suddenly received a phone call from his father. His mother was sent to the first peoples Hospital of Wuxi because of the rupture of a cyst in her uterus.

Ding Baoqiang rushed to the hospital. His mother had been sent to the emergency room. His father was calling around to borrow money. Waiting anxiously outside the operating room, the father repeatedly blamed himself: your mother found out that there was a cyst in the uterus at the beginning of the year. The doctor urged her to have an operation, but she was not willing to do it for fear of spending money, so I let her go. I didnt expect it to develop so fast. I hope its not malignant.

Ding Baoqiangs heart was full of mixed feelings and guilt. He said hoarsely, Dad, its me who dragged you down...

Silly boy, your mother and I will be at ease as long as you are smooth. The father patted his son on the shoulder and asked, hows the business in your shop? Ding Baoqiang was stunned and hesitated for a long time without answering. The father saw this, no longer asked, encouraged: dont worry, take your time!

But his fathers casual sigh broke Ding Baoqiangs heart.

Three days later, the hospital confirmed that his mothers tumor was benign. Ding Baoqiang secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but his heart was as heavy as a boulder. His parents were getting older and might be ill at any time and needed money. But when can he and his wife make up for the 200000 loopholes!

One day in May 2011, Ding Baoqiang got in touch with Ling Zhiming, who lived in the same room when he sold his kidney on QQ. Ling Zhiming, a 22-year-old from Nankang, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, came to work in Ganzhou after graduating from junior high school. Growing up in the countryside, he soon lost himself in the prosperity of the city. In order to meet his high consumption, he sold a kidney.

Ling Zhiming told him that patients usually spend 300000 to 400000 yuan to transplant their kidneys, but they only get tens of thousands of yuan from selling kidneys, and most of the money is earned by organ trading agents.

How do you know that? Ding Baoqiang was surprised. Ling Zhiming said that after finishing the operation, he stayed in Zhangzhou and did some work in the intermediary to find out the donors and contact the patients, so as to find out the situation inside. Ding Baoqiang was very angry about the inside story of Ling Zhiming.

I have an idea. Why dont we work as an intermediary? Ling Zhiming suggested, Ive learned everything about this business in the past few months

Chu, youre going back to your hometown. If you like, come to Ganzhou and well do it together.

At this time, Ding Baoqiangs heart was completely out of balance: the 300000 yuan cheated by the swindler sent him and his wife into a hell of eternal doom. He not only paid for the pension of their parents, but also lost a kidney.

OK, lets do it together! Ding Baoqiangs eyes are full of mania.

On May 27, Ding Baoqiang walked into the office of the companys boss, handed in his resignation, and then told his wife, the company sent me to Shanghai on business. Zhang Yafang, who had always trusted her husband, had no doubts.

Network set up kidney source platform, sold kidney, destroyed soul

Three people immediately took action, and Ling Zhiming set up a QQ group on the Internet to release information on the basis of providing kidney resources.

After Ding Baoqiang arrived in Ganzhou, Zhang Yafang, who was worried about her husband, would call Ding Baoqiang every day to ask him what he was doing. When her daughter is clamoring for her father, Zhang Yafang holds her daughter and chats with Ding Baoqiang.

Looking at his wife and daughter in the video, Ding Baoqiang is both sad and guilty.

In mid June, Ding Baoqiang found that a person named a Wen in QQ group was asking which intermediary could provide kidney source and find a hospital for kidney transplantation.

Ding Baoqiang was in a good mood and immediately chatted with the other party. A Wen named Liu Wenqi, 48 years old, is Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province. Three years ago, his wife suffered from uremia and was maintained by dialysis for lack of proper kidney source. Seeing his wifes life in a precarious state, Liu Wenqi found an organ trading agency.

Later, Ling Zhiming began to search for kidney source. On July 10, he found a donor, Huang Changjiang, 19, from Huaian, Jiangsu Province, who was willing to sell one of his kidneys to buy an iPhone 4. On July 15, Liu Wenqi and his brother-in-law took a two-day train to Ganzhou with 230000 yuan borrowed from other places. Liu Wenqi was very satisfied to see the young and healthy Huang Changjiang. After learning about the situation, he immediately called his wife and paid 128000 yuan in advance to lingzhiming. After that, Ling Zhiming cheated Ding Baoqiang that the other party only paid 60000 yuan.

On July 17, Liu Wenqis wife, accompanied by her sister, flew to Ganzhou. At this time, Huang Changjiangs matching data also came out, but what Ding Baoqiang and others did not expect was that there was no match between Huang Changjiang and Liu Wenqis wife.

Give back 60000 yuan! Well do it for him when he has a matching donor Seeing that the business could not be completed, Ding Baoqiang said helplessly.

Ling Zhiming firmly disagrees. How can he be willing to return the money he has got? Besides, he has embezzled more than 60000 yuan. Its not easy for Liu Wenqi to come all the way. We cant let others go for nothing. Cant we find a donor as soon as possible? But now we have to stabilize Liu Wenqi.

At this point, Ding Baoqiang had to nod his head.

On the morning of the 18th, Ling Zhiming, Ding Baoqiang and Yao tengpeng came to Liu Wenqis residence and said to Liu Wenqi, Huang Changjiangs match matches your wife in four points, which is quite appropriate. Ill contact the operating room as soon as possible. Ill take Huang Changjiangs kidney first, and then change the kidney for the patient.

One day later, Ling Zhiming told Liu Wenqi that Huang Changjiangs kidney had been removed and took Liu Wenqi to a hotel in Sankang temple for confirmation.

Liu Wenqi came to the hotel and saw Huang Changjiang lying in bed with gauze tied to his stomach and a catheter hanging on the edge of the bed with a drip on his body. And all this, in fact, is the lingzhiming and their personnel director.

After stabilizing Liu Wenqis family, several people searched for donors on the Internet, but found nothing. But anxious waiting Liu Wenqi began to call Ling Zhiming again and again. Lingzhiming was flustered and had to turn off his mobile phone.

What? If things are messed up, the other party will not give up. Lets just hide! Ling Zhiming gave Ding Baoqiang 10000 yuan, Yao tengpeng 1000 yuan and Huang Changjiang 2000 yuan. The three returned to their hometown overnight.

On the morning of July 20, Liu Wenqi, who had been unable to contact Ling Zhiming and others, realized that he had been cheated, so he reported the case to nanwai police station of Zhanggong branch of Ganzhou Public Security Bureau.

After receiving the report, the director Zhong Yueping immediately organized the police to investigate. After careful investigation, he soon targeted Ling Zhiming. On July 26, Ling was arrested in a car beauty shop.

At this time, Ding Baoqiang, who returned to his home in Wuxi, was in a state of anxiety.

On July 28, Ding Baoqiang finally received a phone call from Ling Zhiming: its all over. Liu Wenqi knows that human organs are prohibited by law. Both the buyer and the seller involved in the transaction will be punished. Therefore, he doesnt dare to report the case. He thinks that he is unlucky to return to Heilongjiang. Come here quickly, and well divide the money.

Ding Baoqiang breathed a long sigh of relief and told Zhang Yafang that he would go to Shanghai to deal with the follow-up business trip and would be back soon.

Seeing Ding Baoqiangs brows stretched for many days, Zhang Yafang finally put her heart down and told her, come back early. When you are not at home, your daughter will look for her father every day.

Ding Baoqiang nodded seriously and bought a train ticket to Ganzhou from his wife. On July 29, Ding Baoqiang had just walked out of Ganzhou railway station when he was arrested by the police who had been waiting there. On the same day, the police arrested Huang Changjiang River, who came to Ganzhou from Huaian, Jiangsu Province, in the same way.

Until then, Zhang Yafang realized that her husband had sold a kidney. She cried and said, Why are you so stupid! How can you save my kidney

On October 2, 2011, the Zhanggong branch of Ganzhou Public Security Bureau arrested Ding Baoqiang and other four suspects in accordance with the law, and they will be severely punished by law.

Editors note

According to statistics, there are about 1.5 million patients who need kidney transplantation every year in our country, and only 1% of them can be satisfied by the appropriate donors donated by close relatives in line with the national regulations. The huge demand for utensils and the scarcity of donors have become good opportunities for criminals to make money. However, victims like Ding Baoqiang could claim their own rights with the help of the law, but eventually, driven by desire, they harmed others in the same way, making a tragedy of life become a tragedy of a lifetime.

(all the characters in the article are pseudonyms except the investigators.)