Is your sunscreen on the blacklist? The first one you definitely used

 Is your sunscreen on the blacklist? The first one you definitely used

Just recently, a sister is asking if there is sunscreen recommendation? I will give you the sunscreen that my sisters are using today.

Some people may say that you can also do the live BBQ test

It can be done, but in fact, the result is not accurate. Because there are two kinds of ultraviolet rays that affect our skin, UVA and UVB.

The conclusion drawn from the comparison of the above skin redness is just the strength of the ability to resist UVB.

And as a delicate pig girl, I believe you are more strict with the sense of use, after all, it directly determines whether you will really adhere to the use, so in order to prevent sunscreen from becoming a decoration, we mainly compare the sense of use.

As the number of grams per bottle is different, it is calculated that each gram:

Eltamd triple isolation sunscreen: 2.8 yuan / g

Winona clear sunscreen: 2.18 yuan / g

Ansa small gold bottle sunscreen: 3.8 yuan / g

Yisiding Wanjin water sunscreen: 3.6 yuan / g

The texture of sunscreen directly affects the sense of use on the face. Hot summer, face oil and sweat, light texture sunscreen at this time is very necessary.

As can be seen from the figure, the texture fluidity of andresa and Winona is the best, while LOreal and eltamd have almost no fluidity.

But after pushing it out, LOREAL is the texture of the emulsion, EltaMD is the texture of the cream, and it is even harder to smooth it.

The greasy degree of sunscreen is also directly linked to the skin feeling. After all, the sticky sunscreen, even if the effect is good, will not want to use.

Whats more, it can also directly see the speed of sunscreen film formation. Here we do the paper scraps test after applying sunscreen on the arm for 1 minute

I dont know if there are any cards like me. I become a sweat baby in summer. The waterproof of sunscreen must be considered.

Here we are mainly based on the appearance of water after applying sunscreen film. The more water droplets, the better the water resistance of sunscreen.

Results the best waterproof effect was achieved with the best waterproof effect, and the remaining water on the back of the hand was displayed in the form of small drops, followed by LOreal.

The pictures below are all painted on the lower part of the back of the hand and shot with the same light

If you dont take a closer look, the whiteness of eltamd is a little more obvious. Here we cant rule out the texture reasons. After all, the texture of eltamd is the heaviest among these sunscreen.

If you want to bring brightening effect of friends, you can consider equity Winona, LOreal.

Sunscreen belongs to oily products, the main raw materials are water and oil, the stronger the protective ability, the higher the oil. The proportion of water and oil content in sunscreen is also the point we should pay attention to when choosing.

It is suggested to choose sunscreen with less oil content, which is not easy to block pores and stuffy acne;

Dry skin is more recommended moisture content of sunscreen, because if not enough moisture, the follow-up easy to pull dry.

Eltamd has high oil content and is suitable for dry skin players.

After several rounds of inspection, I sorted out the final results in tabular form. You can according to their own skin care needs, single line or multi line combination reference

*Note: this assessment is not the only identification standard, please refer to it as appropriate

From the above table, we can see that in this sunscreen evaluation, the first is Iressa, the second is estene, the third is Winona, the fourth is eltamd, and the last is LOreal.

Whats the matter? Is it consistent with what you think? Next, Ill give you some tips for sunscreen

Well, thats all for todays sharing~

Sunscreen can not only prevent you from sunburn, but also prevent skin aging caused by ultraviolet rays, so it is necessary to adhere to sunscreen no matter what season. In addition, when you go out, sun umbrella and other hard sunscreen must not fall.

Finally, I wish you all a beautiful summer.