The wife of thirty bought the truth

 The wife of thirty bought the truth

Have you all seen the recently popular thirty only? At present, the plot has only been updated for more than a dozen episodes, and it has swept the hot search list.

A few days ago, the hot search of Gu Jia buying bags shocked a lot of netizens, who said that their imagination was limited by poverty.

In the words of Gu Jias husband Xu Huashan, what kind of package is so expensive!

It was a limited edition Hermes ostrich leather bag, which Gu Jia bought with almost all her family savings in order to get the admission ticket to the rich circle.

When I first met the ladies, her 2017 limited chanel bag was rejected and her group photo was cut off. (this is probably the worst time Chanel was blackened)

The group photo was cut off before buying the bag

After buying the bag, successfully entered the circle

What? Now the rich too circle all began to pack? Netizen Qihu this wave of marketing Hermes is too profitable.

In fact, Hermes doesnt need to advertise. This is not the hidden rule in Chinese ladies circle. It is also true in the world.

Sex and the city says, when I carry it, I know Im on the rise.

This it is Hermes bag.

For the rich, Hermes significance has already gone beyond a bag itself. It is a gesture and identity, a symbol of status, and a necessity of town.

In the TV series settling down, Fang Sijin, a housing agent, has to dress up as a rich man in order to spy on the information of Shanghais old western style houses and bring out his own unknown fake hermes to suppress the market

A limited Hermes bag can be either a symbol of a womans identity or a smart investment.

The less circulation in the market, the more precious and scarce, and the fastest rise in value, which is probably why women pursue the top and limit.

In fact, in the jewelry industry, there are also some Hermes in gems that are hard to buy. They are also the symbol of womens identity and the display of their strength. We might as well take a look.

C king style

In the play kuotai group, birkin, the Himalayan crocodile skin of Mrs. Li, who is a member of the C station, is the most eye-catching.

Before the Internet, some people said that it was more than 2 million, but that was the price with diamond buckles.

Christies auction house points out that Hermes only produces one or two diamond encrusted Himalayan bags a year, making this one of the rarest.

Therefore, you cant buy it with money. There are only three diamond inlaid versions in the world. With the lock lock and full of diamonds, sister-in-law has one in her hand.

Carrying this bag is equivalent to carrying a house on your body, which can be called the king of the bag at the top of the pyramid.

Similarly, among many gems, there are also kings like Hermes Himalayas, such as Kashmir sapphire, Brazil palaiba, oil-free emerald, etc., because you cant buy them with money!

Among the sapphires, there is a kind of cornflower blue, which is synonymous with the top color of Kashmir sapphire.

This pure, rich and slightly purple blue like the plateau sky has a warm and bright luster, just like the beauty of high-grade velvet.

Sapphire with diamond ring pillow sapphire weighs about 17.43 carats

Transaction price: HK $7401272

In addition to the unforgettable appearance, its rarity is also the factor of its high value.

Kashmir sapphire mine has been out of mine many years ago, so every time she comes out, it is almost an auction house, and has repeatedly set the auction record, which is amazing.

Palaiba, Brazil

Palaiba, as gerg often mentions, believes that her sisters are no stranger to her.

The king of the tourmaline family has a special neon light blue, which makes people intoxicated.

On Christies spring auction in 2018, a pair of palaiba Earrings (each weighing 7 carats) was sold for nearly $200000 per carat, successfully setting a new record for palaiba auction!

Oil free Emerald

Among the 1 million beryl minerals, there is only one gem emerald, the king of emerald is worthy of its name.

Many jewelry lovers know that more than 95% of emeralds on the market are optimized by soaking in oil, which can be well preserved.

The oil-free emerald is the king of kings.

Without much to say, just look at the price comparison at the auction. (PS: its still the price of a few years ago, and it may be much higher now.)

In 2014, Christies Hong Kong, a small oil emerald ring, weighing 8.33 carats, was sold for us $176219, equivalent to about RMB 1215329.5773.

In 2014, Christies, Geneva, an oil-free emerald ring, weighing 6.14 carats, was sold for us $301475, equivalent to about RMB 2079333.37.

Beautiful limited treasure

After reading the kings bag of C, lets have a taste of other wives Hermes.

Rich Mrs. Wangs Hermes Amethyst crocodile skin Kelly with a unit price of nearly 500000

Mrs. Liu, whose family is in decline but thinks she is noble, Hermes red and black leather piece Birkin is a customized special style

The little actor was born in his wife, and she was carrying a black puffy Kelly. She was the same style and different colors as Mrs. Ma, who was a little less wealthy

The last lady who didnt have a lot of parts was carrying a dark blue baby Birkin

After watching these grades of Hermes, the audience can understand Gu Jias saying that bags are tickets and weapons.

Some of these bags are high-end customized ones, and some are classic limited edition ones. This play is really a series of combination fists for all the Gu Jiaren in reality!

Of course, a million dollar bag with a handbag is also a proof of the economic strength of the ladies. It is the same truth as a few pigeon egg gemstone rings exposed as soon as they reach out.

The giant rings and earrings of Xiang Tai Hai Lan Bao

Baobao can increase investment value and cure all kinds of diseases. Similarly, there are also several proud little masters in gems, which can pacify womens hearts. Of course, they are limited treasures that can not be bought with money~

Such as: Burmese pigeon blood ruby, Jedi warrior spinel, paparatha and so on.

Pigeon blood red

The most precious and rare king of ruby is the pigeon blood red of Myanmar.

At present, pigeon blood ruby produced in Magu mining area of Myanmar is recognized as the most commercial value with its outstanding quality and rare output, and its price is far higher than that of other regions.

Jedi spinel

High quality gemstones produced in Myanmar are warmly welcomed by collectors all over the world.

In addition to high-quality rubies and sapphires, there are also Jedi warrior spinel there, which is also worth collecting. If you encounter it, you must take it down!

Jedi warrior spinel is a science fiction name for the spinel with ultra-high saturation and super fluorescence produced by mansin and namiya in Myanmar.

You know, the production of spinel is not high, and the Jedi spinel is one in a thousand, few. More precious than pigeon blood red, no exaggeration!

High quality Jedi spinels are usually sky high prices and rarely appear on the market! So if youre lucky enough to meet a Jedi, dont miss it.

I believe you have heard of the name of paparacha. She has been pursued by many collectors with her brilliant fire colors and unique colors.

The most impressive one is that in 2018, the 27 year old British Princess Eugenie always wears a 5 CT heavy sapphire ring when she is engaged.

The rarer it is, the more precious it is, and the higher its value will be. Let alone the appreciation potential, this is the eternal truth of gemstone industry.

He said:

In daily life, people often like to use Hermes in XX to describe a high-grade item, which also reflects the real significance of womens pursuit of high-grade and limited amount.

In fact, high set Hermes is the same as rare jewelry, the value-added potential is stable and strong! They should all belong to the supreme treasure in a womans heart~