Jennies crazy business week, 163 dressed as 173, changing styles at will

 Jennies crazy business week, 163 dressed as 173, changing styles at will

Jennie, from double braided braids, is a sexy little sweetheart. Alessandra rich black lace Jumpsuit can also be sexy and playful in dark.

Jennies favorite style is sweet and spicy. All kinds of womens group miniskirts are frequently put on. Marine Serres crescent skirt is spicy enough to choose purple, which is a bit of millennial subculture.

Only recently did I know that Jennie, who is two meters tall, is only 1.63 meters tall. She is shocked! Known as Chanel in the world, Jennie is sweet and lazy in everyday life, and has a strong side. She can develop her strong points and avoid her weaknesses according to her figure and pad her skull. We may not be able to learn from the right shoulder and dark wind, but we can learn from her everyday wear. Lets take a good look at her latest clothes today!

Nini, who eats the sweet cone, puts on the milkmaid jacket to reveal the summer style. The blue, yellow and white flowers are soft and lovely, and they are paired with double horsetails. Its really a sweet summer ice cream girl!

Nini, who has always been a hot girl, picked the medium and long skirt that most people think is relatively conservative. In the short skirt, the color of the skirt is too short and short, but the color of the skirt is too short and short, and the color of the skirt is too clean.

Whats more fashionable this year is to slit the hip skirt. Jennies alexchung high slit skirt shows a little sexy, but the H-shaped cut is sassy and capable. It can be used in various occasions with a white knitted cardigan.

Jennie is on a leisurely summer outing. She is a rare dress. Alaas blue dress is smart and sensible. She is dressed in fresh clothes. She is a princess who enters the forest by mistake.

This white slogant T-shirt with a blue Halter skirt is practical and easy to wear.

Little red plaid skirt with Mary Jane shoes, smart and sweet princess, wonderful~

Jennie Ginnys suit is cute and cute. She wears the coolest clothes and puts on the cutest scissors.

This psychedelic tight dress is very difficult for ordinary people to control, but no matter what style, Jennie is absolutely unobtrusive, full of fashion digestion, worthy of Ni!

Jennies lemon yellow knitted suit and Pearl Necklace make her soft and sexy.

Jennie, who is also wearing a double braided braid, plays sweet and spicy hip-hop in an oversized T-shirt, lace skirt and metal chain sunglasses.

Jennie was wearing a pink leopard print Halter skirt, which was a little off the shoulder and waistline~

Its a pair of short off shoulder top and jeans. Its simple and good-looking.