What level does Zhao Liyings skin look like

 What level does Zhao Liyings skin look like

There are two sets of models in the publicity film. Sanye thinks that it is another set of Tremella essence teased by netizens. It is really quite immortal and suitable for her.

Although in the grand effect of the main film, it did not show.

When I saw it clearly in the sidelights, I still had a bright feeling in front of me.

Why is Tremella fuciformis?

Chinese restaurant from the start of a lot of Reuters, make complaints about it, did not know where to come out from a group of Chinese restaurant customers chat record chart do not know if you have seen, Zhang Liang Tucao not cook well, Zhao Liying skin management is not good.

The third master had looked through the picture of Lu tous encounter before. It was basically beautiful and had good skin. If passers-by did not take pictures, it was impossible to see how high-definition the face was.

Also look for the latest activity of the health map, the skin state is quite OK.

Well, here we are going to focus on todays theme. Lets talk about a medical and aesthetic project that can speed up the above counter attack effectu2014u2014


If you have been to a serious medical and aesthetic institutions, you will find that doctors love to recommend photorejuvenation to you. Why?

Red blood, melanin, rough and so on, let you feel the overall quality of the skin is improving;

Relatively mild, postoperative recovery period is very short, basically does not affect the normal life (so-called lunch beauty, walk away with legs raised);

In a real case, what kind of effect will be if we persist in playing photons for more than 10 years.

It can be seen that the patients skin condition is smooth and delicate, and there are almost no obvious wrinkles and spots, and the gloss also has good performance.

Although there are still some deep-seated structures, such as the deepening of the law lines caused by aging downward movement, the deep-seated aging itself is beyond the responsibility of photons.

It can be concluded that photorejuvenation is a project aimed at superficial aging and improving skin appearance. As a long-term maintenance project, persistence can really maintain young state.


What about photons and lasers?

The essence of photorejuvenation is intense pulsed light, which is a therapeutic project of irradiating skin with compound light with wavelength of 500nm ~ 1200nm.

The different wavelengths of light are aimed at striking different culprits. If we use more light (wider spectrum), we can hit the target more naturally.

This can also be said to be the main difference between photons and lasers. Lasers are monochromatic, highly focused beams, while photons are non monochromatic, divergent, broad-spectrum light.

Therefore, their attack surfaces are different. Childrens boots can be simply understood as strong pulsed light is a piece of straying targets, while laser is a fixed-point attack, which is more like a sniper gun.

(intense pulsed light on the left, laser on the right)

Laser is more like a treatment project, more targeted to solve problems such as color sink, red blood filament, etc;

Photons are very suitable for investment in long-term maintenance projects to gradually improve the skin condition.

Compared with laser, photons are more adjustable. With different filters, a certain wavelength can be filtered out to focus on one aspect of the problem.

The significance of this is that the more short wavelength light is filtered out, the more long wavelength light is retained, and the deeper the light penetrates into the skin, and the deeper the effect is.


So much said

What can photon rejuvenation do?


Whats the effect?



Photorejuvenation stimulates collagen production in dermis, which can improve photoaging, lighten the fine wrinkles of skin, and delay the process of skin aging.


Whitening and brightening

The effect of photorejuvenation on melanin can improve the skin spots, black spots, uneven skin color, and accelerate the replacement to significantly improve the skin gloss.


Improve inflammation, fade and redness

The effect of photorejuvenation on hemoglobin can be used to improve the skin inflammation, redness, red spots, including red blood silk.

Improve rough and smooth skin

By accelerating the metabolism of the epidermis, Photorejuvenation can easily achieve the effect of lightening and thinning the skin.


It can stimulate the production of collagen in dermis, accelerate the proliferation and replacement of epidermis.


Improve sensitivity

If the therapeutic power of photorejuvenation is reasonable, it will not only not aggravate the sensitivity, but also help to improve the sensitivity. (but this requires more experience from doctors)

To sum up, 90% of your skin problems can be solved by photo rejuvenation.