Two Chinese postdoctoral students expelled from the United States by Trump: mobile phones and computers confiscated

 Two Chinese postdoctoral students expelled from the United States by Trump: mobile phones and computers confiscated

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He was expelled from the United States, forced to leave the laboratory where he worked, and even his mobile phone and computer were confiscated.

Because they are postdoctoral students from China.

Neal, the head of New York Universitys BenjaminNeel laboratory and Benjamin Neil, a medical scientist, were angry at twitter. Two of the postdoctoral researchers from China founded his lab were forced to leave because of the visa policy of trump.

In addition, the confiscated computers also contained data from ongoing research, which prevented the two Chinese postdoctoral colleagues from continuing their work.

The expelled postdoc

It happened in a laboratory at New York University, which has been carrying out research on ovarian cancer and breast cancer, and two Chinese postdoctors who were expelled from China are also doing related work.

Dr. Benjamin Neal, the founder of the lab, graduated from Rockefeller University in his early years. He is now the director of the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center sponsored and named by Perlmutter and his wife. He is also the medical professor of Langone health at New York University.

He has also published more than 200 papers, many of which are top journals in the field of cancer and cells, h-index115, and has written two books. He is also a former board member of the American Association for cancer research, a member of the American Association of physicians, the first winner of the Gertrude elion award of the American Cancer Research Association, and has opened a biotechnology company for the treatment of cancer.

In short, the boss of the two expelled researchers, who are well-known in breast cancer and ovarian cancer research, are very influential in American Medical and academic circles.

But in any case, scientists cant do trump, but such a powerful boss still cant keep his post doctoral.

Benjamin Neal himself tweeted the names of two expelled postdoctors.

Only two of the labs are from mainland China.

One of the Chinese scientists, Zhang Shuang, has been in New York University since 2015. He first went to the cancer center of the University Medical Center in New York to do post doctoral research. This cancer center is sponsored and named by perlmutters, chairman of marvel.

In October last year, Zhang Shuang had just entered new York University Langer health as a research scientist, studying ovarian cancer and cell-related content. In less than a year, Zhang Shuang completed two preprinted papers related to ovarian cancer as a monograph.

Prior to that, she received a doctorate in the Institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013, and engaged in molecular biology and animal experiment research in the Institute. She also participated in more than ten studies on the Institutes knowledge base website.

Another Chinese postdoctoral, ran Hao, graduated from China Agricultural University with a doctors degree in 2015. Currently, he is a senior postdoctoral researcher of Langer health, and has been doing research on protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2.

Whats the use of this???

This absurd reality has aroused strong repercussions from foreign netizens.

Some netizens said that it is a shame to let such excellent researchers be forced to leave the laboratory.

The big payoff to these people in science is their hard work in the end?!

It has been pointed out that this is racial discrimination.

What good is it for us to destroy cancer research because of racial discrimination?

Others believe that this is fascism.

The Nazis did the same to Jewish scientists who left Germany.

It has also been pointed out that this is a lose lose lose situation - a move that greatly undermines the ability of the United States to attract and retain top talent.

New in autumn, difficult to enter

Now scholars and researchers are being expelled from the United States, and new students are also facing the problem of being unable to enter the country.

According to a statement on ices website, international students who plan to enroll in the fall semester of this year can obtain a student visa to enter the United States as long as they have at least one offline course; if all courses are online courses, they will not be granted a visa and will not be allowed to enter the United States.

International students already enrolled before March 9 will not be affected by the rule.

Previously, the U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ice) has issued a policy that if U.S. college students are unable to attend offline courses in the fall of 2020 and only take online courses, they will lose their study visa and be deported.

This has aroused public anger. Many famous universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford and so on have taken up legal weapons and announced to sue the trump government for withdrawing this provision. Seventeen states and the capital, Washington, D.C., have also filed joint lawsuits.

Under heavy pressure, ice finally agreed to repeal its new visa rules for international students.

However, some universities have predicted that the U.S. government may still take action against autumn freshmen who have not yet entered the country, despite the repeal of the regulations.

Harvard University sent a letter to all international students who will enter the fall semester on the 21st, saying that although the rules are temporarily withdrawn, this reversal does not apply to the newly admitted international students who need F-1 visa. International students will not be able to obtain a student visa to go to Harvard because Harvard will take full-time classes in the fall semester.

Harvard Dean Rakesh Khurana also said that considering the situation of the epidemic and the unpredictable policy, international freshmen may face various problems and be repatriated after entering the United States, which will seriously damage the rights and interests of students.

As Rakesh Khurana puts it, the news is disappointing..

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