Liu Wen was surprised again, T-shirt with jeans high-level sense

 Liu Wen was surprised again, T-shirt with jeans high-level sense

In addition to T-shirt, you can also choose a more popular short shirt. If the upper body is thinner, you can consider the suspender or tight short sleeves to expose the waist and increase the sexiness. In fact, the shorter the upper body, the longer the lower body, so choose according to your body shape and style.

Liu Wens bottom is matched with a pair of Daddy pants. Although Daddy pants are very popular and fashionable, they are not well worn, which not only cant play a lifting effect, but also appear short and short legs. Therefore, for bottoms, you need to make targeted choices. If you feel that Daddy pants are not easy to control, you can change them into wide leg pants, straight pants or tapered pants.

If you are worried that the white trousers are not resistant to dirt and difficult to handle, you can also choose the basic version of jeans, which is more practical and can be matched with various T-shirts. It is a good choice for the wide leg or straight tube version of girls with fat legs. Liu Wens white T with jeans wide leg pants is simple, generous and charming.

Basic color matching is never out of fashion, but wearing well is a sense of high-level, can not control is a passer-by, it is difficult to create highlights. The black + white combination is simple and durable. Although it does not require high personal fashion control, it is difficult to wear new ideas. If you feel that the overall shape is not bright enough, you can, like Liu Wen, add a T-shirt and V-Neck Sweater Vest to add highlights to the single black and white, break the monotony and have more fashionable aesthetic feeling at the same time.

In addition to basic T-shirts, you can also choose some more distinctive and recognizable styles. For example, Liu Wens red striped T-shirt, compared with ordinary T-shirt, will be more style. However, it should be noted that this T-shirt with horizontal stripes has high requirements on the body. If there is no small waist or shoulder width and chest, it is not recommended to choose the one that is suitable for you.

In addition, you can also improve the overall highlights through color matching. This simple solid color contrast short T, with a high waist jeans wide leg pants, looks very refreshing and eye-catching. Denim fusion is relatively high, so the upper body to choose some of the favorite light color T-shirt with is also very good-looking.

If you think the pants are hot to wear, you can also use a similar match for shorts. If it is pear shaped, you can choose A-line shorts, small people can choose High Waist Shorts, lengthen the proportion of the lower body, tall people can choose oversize T-shirt to play the lower body missing dressing method.

Liu Wens daily wear is more casual style, suitable for most people and easy to control. If the daily wear is similar, or if you want to take a casual style, you can refer to Liu Wens clothing collocation.