There were 13 newly diagnosed cases in Liaoning Province, and 12 cases were asymptomatic

 There were 13 newly diagnosed cases in Liaoning Province, and 12 cases were asymptomatic

Dalian is upgraded to a high-risk area, and four areas are divided into medium risk areas

[notice on adjusting the risk level of epidemic situation in our city] in order to achieve accurate prevention and control of epidemic situation, in accordance with the requirements of the infectious disease prevention and control law and the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, and according to the current epidemic situation in Dalian city and with the consent of the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the Dalian Bay Street of Ganjingzi District is designated as a high-risk area, and the workers village community and Jinpu of Xianglujiao street in Xigang District are designated as high-risk areas Shengbin community in Zhanqian street of new area, Yangjia village of Zhanqian street of Jinpu New District and Taoyuan community of Jinpu new district are designated as medium risk areas. The medium risk areas shall implement the established prevention and control measures, and the high-risk areas shall further take the following measures on the basis of the implementation of various prevention and control measures in the medium risk areas:

2. Comprehensive investigation. Organize and carry out active household investigation, and timely send the patients with digestive tract symptoms such as fever, respiratory symptoms or diarrhea to designated medical institutions for investigation and treatment.

4. Regional control. Decisive measures should be taken to stop work, close business and close classes. If necessary, regional blockade can be taken to restrict personnel access.

5. Start the corresponding level of emergency response. Establish emergency command and coordination mechanism, and prepare and deploy medical treatment, laboratory testing, isolation management, etc.

6. Ensure the normal operation of epidemic prevention and control, operation of public utilities, necessities of peoples life and other important enterprises related to national economy and peoples livelihood.

Dalian city to promote novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control

Economic and social development headquarters

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