How can a woman in her fifties dress more elegantly?

 How can a woman in her fifties dress more elegantly?

Dress if the whole body up and down a touch of color, it will appear particularly monotonous, boring. So Sanmus mother added a wide waistband to her waist. It was embroidered with auspicious cloud patterns. It was very delicate and tasteful, and full of mature womens charm. Traditional embroidery elements into the pattern pattern, which can increase the overall sense of layering, so that the off white dress is not so monotonous. So it seems more advanced.

Of course, when matching patterns, you need to pay attention to a degree. If there are too many pattern elements, the whole garment will become cumbersome. Adding a small area of national style into ordinary and atmospheric clothing can make the whole dress more elegant and temperament of middle-aged women.

So women like 50 years old, especially need to pay attention to the collocation of white clothes. If the whole body is a white, it needs to pay attention to the selection of version. For example, Sanmus mother is a white look, and the top is a loose white short sleeve shirt. Although it is not very slim, it is more ventilated and can cover the body and shape.

The lower garment is matched with white loose wide leg pants and white casual shoes, which are consistent with the style and style of the jacket. It is very casual and lazy. Add a black thin belt, play the role of the finishing point, but also shape the golden proportion of short and long. There is also a small Beige round cap, which makes it difficult for a woman in her 50s to be beautiful or not.

The off shoulder short sleeve shirt is very suitable for older women. The loose version will not be tacky because of the ordinary cutting. This short sleeve shirt top designed by Sanmu mother is casual and comfortable. Ordinary version is more dull and boring. In order to break the dull and monotonous feeling, she put the corner of one side of the dress into her trousers to form an asymmetric shape. Asymmetry is also a kind of modern aesthetic feeling, which breaks the rigid symmetry and makes it more lively and interesting.

Sanmu mothers top is a black sleeveless shirt, the version is more slim, and the half high collar highlights the energetic atmosphere. The sleeveless shirt can just show the fragrant shoulder and thin arm. This design has good ventilation and cooling effect. Her underclothing is matched with a pair of white wide leg pants. Most women in their 50s will use black when choosing pants. It can reflect a womans stable side, but it will look a bit old-fashioned if it is not properly dressed. So if you want to look light, young and fashionable, you might as well wear a pair of white wide leg pants to show a clean and refreshing visual sense, but also reduce age.

Black + white is a classic color matching. Over 50 years old women like this black + white style. It is stable and simple, not old-fashioned and young. Add delicate accessories, such as small round cap, small bag can show a mature charm and advanced sense.

How can a 50 year old woman dress more elegantly? Learn from the French style of Sanmus mother, fashionable and advanced.