Talking about the real baby collar dress. Its so cute to wear it

 Talking about the real baby collar dress. Its so cute to wear it

In the process of historical evolution, there are various fashionable designs of doll collar, such as sharp corner, square collar and round collar. Many designers still dont forget to add patterns or patterns on the doll collar to make the cute girl style more obvious. And different types of women wear different temperament, which shows that the baby collar dress has enough plasticity, basically suitable for all types of girls to wear. If you wear a dress with the same age, especially if you wear it, you can wear it blindly.

Stars love baby collar dresses

Flower doll collar dress is particularly common in the show. The complexity and elegance of flower fragments show the beauty of women vividly and vividly. Creative designers are not willing to only print flowers on the skirt. Some also let Tassels and carved flowers float on the skirt, which not only enhances the sense of design, but also makes the skirt itself more three-dimensional.

Features of single item

1. Sweet and girly

The skirt makes the legs free from the shackles of the surrounding fabric, allowing the skin to breathe freely in the air. Many girls cant take off the skirt once they change it in summer. The skirt has a comfortable feeling that people can rely on. In summer, it can not only ensure the freshness, but also make your fairy temperament more outstanding. The cloth of baby collar dress will also be light and thin, and the effect of relieving summer heat is naturally good in summer.

Items for attention

Small girls are not suitable for long skirts over the knee and may appear smaller visually. And baby collar dress itself with cute attributes, will let small girls appear more immature. If you dont look like a child, its best to choose a short skirt with a little short heel at the foot, which can make you look cute and mature.

Because the doll collar dress itself with some playful, clever attributes, very suitable for young girls to wear. Older women try not to choose this kind of skirt, it will make your temperament a little strange. Some baby face girls look a little immature, if you want to enhance the lovely feeling, you can choose this kind of skirt.

Item style recommendation

The style that can best reflect the ladys temperament is sweeter when it has broken flowers. The monochrome skirt without pattern makes you look more stable and restrained, and the quiet temperament distributed at any time is also more suitable for hairdressing. Dont worry about the risk of getting out of sight when climbing the high steps. Remember to lift the skirt to prevent it from being caught by the elevator. When you mention the skirt, just like the elegant Princess carrying the skirt in the middle ages, dont give up the opportunity to show elegance like this. In addition, the long skirt can well block the leg shape. If you are not confident about your leg shape, the long skirt can help you solve this problem and make you look perfect.

2. Short skirt

Show knee and calf skirt will be more lively, for the leg line is not good enough for girls, it is recommended to avoid short skirt. In addition, due to more exposed skin, sun protection should be done more carefully in the warm sun. Remember to choose a suitable safety pants inside, otherwise there may be an embarrassing situation.

3. Broken flowers

Girls are always inseparable from the flowers. The girl wearing a flower doll collar dress is like a girl growing out of a sea of flowers, full of elegance and tenderness. A slightly longer skirt has a good body-building effect. If there is a waist pinching design, it will be better to classify the lower part of the waist as a leg visually, so that the leg length is better. A slightly shorter skirt will show the wonderful legs, so that the lines of your legs are exposed.

4. Monochrome

If it is a dark color skirt, it will make the younger girl appear calm. If you are afraid that this dark skirt will destroy your liveliness, you can choose a bright color piece to match.

If the color itself is brighter, its good to add some sense of stability. It is important to find a balance between style and color within your preferences, and the overall effect will be outstanding.

5. Having a belt or girdle

It is a very slim design to separate the waist up and down with a belt. Visually, it will make your body more curvy, and the upper body will be shorter, and the lower part of the belt will be attributed to leg length. If you wear a pair of shoes with heels, it will make you look taller and more proportional. The adjustable belt is the best in this kind of skirt. It is just tight when standing and slightly tight after sitting down. It is a little bit at the expense of comfort. It is recommended to pay more attention to the selection.

6. Waist less skirt

If you dont like the binding feeling brought by belt or waist girdle, and you are willing to choose the one without waist trimming effect, it is recommended to buy one that is close to the body, otherwise you cant see the figure in the skirt with straight up and down. Of course, a wide skirt will be cool. If you dont mind if the effect is not satisfactory, you can also choose a loose style.

Wear recommendation

1. Monochrome skirt

From the top to the bottom of the uniform color skirt is not easy to make mistakes, black and white is always the best design choice for all clothing. This kind of skirt which does not embed small ideas into the patterns and patterns will usually do more design in some details such as color, skirt hem and wrinkles, so that the waves, hollowing out and stacking are used to decorate the excessively simple cloth, so that the monochrome is not monotonous. The choice of shoes can be cool and comfortable sports shoes, regular cloth shoes and sandals. When choosing sports shoes and cloth shoes, you can wear a pair of pure cotton socks, and the color edge may be exposed to make you feel more youthful.

If youre not satisfied with this, you can choose shoes or bags that contrast strongly with the color of the skirt. They are enough for your concept of rich matching. The right embellishment will reflect the smart to wear and make you more attractive on the whole.

2. Skirt with other patterns

No matter the color dots, plaid or other patterns, there are no irregular flowers that look so fancy and complicated. Naturally, it should be more relaxed than the floral skirt. You can decorate and set off with other pieces of appropriate colors, such as choosing a handbag or a pair of special shoes. Of course, the most basic error free collocation is still black and white.

3. Floral skirt

The small flowers on the skirt body and skirt hem will make the skirt slightly complicated. The flower colors of different skirts are various, and some flowers have more than one color, which will be more confusing visually. If you dont want to look like a field of flowers, shoes, bags or choose the most basic black and white color. However, if the small ornaments or lines on the bag are consistent with some colors on the skirt, they can also be used as an optional match.

Seriously, baby collar dress is so young and cute. No wonder fashion bloggers love it. There are always many suitable and attractive ways to wear in summer, and doll collar dress is one of them. In the stars also like them now, choose one or two favorite into the wardrobe, let it cool and lovely foil or change your temperament. The wardrobe is calling for you. Get one.