Guizhou Moutai branch workers recruit children: the only child can add extra points

 Guizhou Moutai branch workers recruit children: the only child can add extra points

The 201 factory was established by Guizhou Moutai wine Limited by Share Ltd in June 2002 to buy the Maotai production area of the original liquor company. It belongs to a branch of the company and has more than 2600 employees.

The news of the surging news noted that in the form of the total score above, staff information and the registration information of employees and children are juxtaposed. The employee information column indicates the time for the employee to enter the wine or the 201 factory; and in the registration information of the employees children, the information of a few children in the family is also marked.

If the child is a first child in the family, 20 points can be added. If it is not the first child, it can not be added. If the child is a only child in the family, the child can also get a 10 point only child increase, that is to say, a total of 30 points can be added. In addition, the length of service of parents determines the number of childrens service age plus points.

In August 6th, the news of the news issued a call to the office of the 201 factory, a staff member said, the social recruitment examination and staff and children recruitment examination is different, workers and children recruitment examination has internal regulations, has been in accordance with the internal recruitment examination provisions, not convenient to disclose.

According to the public announcement, the highest total score is 132, including 82 points for written examination, 20 points for children, 25 points for working years and 5 points for academic qualifications. In general, the score of the written examination can be made up of one child by only one child, for example, the children of a total of 122 points, 66 points for the written test, 20 points for the children, 26 points for the work age, and 10 points for the only child.

The source of this article: surging news editor: Wang Zheng _NN7526