Red to now to temptation to do first-class is her ability

 Red to now to temptation to do first-class is her ability

A kind of

On September 28, 1972, in a small town in Michigan,

A baby girl named Heather Swift was born.

She is the second of three daughters in the family. She has been surrounded by a group of girls since childhood,

Mother is also a manicurist, so that she has a very early Enlightenment on beauty.

As for her childhood, what impressed her most was watching Hollywoods golden age movies with her mother.

Her mother is particularly fascinated by the meticulous dressing and clothes in the 1940s and 1950s, which has a subtle influence on herself.

When other girls are playing with dolls,

She has started collecting vintage clothes from the 1920s and 1950s.

(source: double)

Her favorite game is to put on her collection of clothes,

In front of the mirror, I imitate the actresses in the old movies over and over,

But gradually, as we get older, the illusion becomes more and more disillusionedu00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

Its not really related to those beautiful women with three-dimensional facial features in the film,

Looking at this face, she realized for the first time the gap between dream and reality.

This kind of experience may have been experienced by every girl, but the disappointment passed for a while,

Children, their attention soon shifts to other places.

But she obviously wasnt. She didnt want to be defeated like this.

She was a Star chaser since she was a child. She understands a truth better than others

Without the blessing of thick eyebrows, Audrey Hepburn is just a pretty girl,

Without the iconic red lips and moles, even Monroe is just a big blonde.

Thinking of this, she decided to follow suit.

But she was not interested in dreaming second,

She should not only inherit the classics, but also innovate!

She also added a flying eyeliner to herself, so that she could not see what her original eyes were lit up.

Her blonde hair was also dyed black.

And black hair, black hair is an exotic woman with her own amorous feelings.

High heels and red lipsticks make you look like awe of God.

Face is not enough,

On the screen can reverse the goddess of all living beings, but also can not lack a set of concave and convex to the soul of the body.

Finally, her waistline was reduced to 42cm.

(source: plahboy)

A kind of

When she was in college, she chose historical costume design as her major and aspired to become a designer of costume films.

But before that day, everything changed when she walked into a strip club!

Seeing the dancers on the stage in colorful clothes and dancing in the ambiguous light and shadow,

(source: Manchester evolving News)

At that moment, she found her career direction:

Have your own song and dance show!

Unlike most girls who choose to be a stripper, shes not out of money.

For the sake of beauty, a girl who can persist in wearing body shaping clothes, pajamas, lipstick and going out for 30 years,

What cant be done for the sake of beauty?

She doesnt care what people say.

Why the comments? Mediocre people are the safest

Strippers can be beautiful, naked bodies can be beautiful,

What she wants to do is to be a part of this beauty and create more beauty.

(source: Zvezda)

She chose a stage name for herself: Tita daita,

In memory of the silent film actor Dita Paro, he changed his surname to vantes von Teese.

She was named Dita von Teese.

A kind of

Everyone knows Tita. She is

The worlds most expensive stripper and the worlds first stripper

But 80% of the people who came to see her show were women.

Most men dont understand:

Why does she play so many tricks? Isnt strip dancing just about watching strippers

Unfortunately, undressing is just the most insignificant part of her performance.

(source: ocweekly)

She was in it, like a lady of the French court of Louis XVIII, who welcomed everyone to her bedroom.

What did she do?

Its just some of the most common moves,


Twisting the waist

Playing in the water

But every movement was slowed down to the extreme by her, which released the feminine flavor to the greatest extent, but it was never stopped.

She firmly grasped the psychology that what is not available is the best,

It doesnt matter how much you take off. What matters is the foreplay of your desire.

So she said:


Tita never stops trying.

She has been searching for a few burlesque dancers who only exist in the world in order to integrate the long lost farce into her performance.

Finally, she moved one of the dancers and passed on her unique secret - feather fan dance.

Later, she invented her own champagne bath dance.

She also incorporated her ballet gestures, which she had practiced for more than ten years, into her performance, striving to make every movement as elegant and as easy as possible.

So its also said that her show is a strip show on Broadway..

She became the first dancer to raise the strip to an artistic level.

Prince Charles invited her to perform for Prince Harrys 24th birthday.

Wed love to see your show, but we cant because of our identity.

She was inspired by Jean Gaultier, the former art director of Hermes, and invited her to show after show.

(source: pinterest)

Christian Louboutin himself gave her a room full of red shoes,

(source: vogue)

At Burberrys show, Tita accidentally dropped her umbrella,

The men at the scene bent over to serve the beauty.

This scene was photographed by reporters and soon became popular on the Internet.

Netizens have been delighted by Titas actions

Bending down, raising hands, asking for help around, being coquettish and... Just refuse to pick them up by themselves.

Is it like the directors sarcasm in the movie?

But for Tita, its not for dramatic effect.

A little bit more private, she will know that she really lived in the past.

A kind of

Not long ago, Titas house went on a hot search.

Her mansion in Los Angeles is like a 15th century space-time Museum.

To the Victorian bird specimens, antique furniture,

One inadvertently broke into, thought he came to the second-hand antique market.

Printed wallpaper all the way to the ceiling

Green cabinet,

This set, she also carried out into the usual dress.

Look at her private appearance,

Straw woven bags, sunglasses, high-heeled shoes and A-line skirt are indispensable,

Is it like seeing the great Mrs. mather?

A kind of

Although from work to life are so retro, but Titas ideas are not old school.

In the face of public criticism of her career, she said there was no need for everyone to like you,

Even if you are the most delicious and juicy peach in the world, some people dont like peaches.

Although she dresses meticulously every day, she never thinks that she should be perfect

I am not a perfect person. Sometimes when you see my eyes are particularly exaggerated, it is mostly because the makeup is smear in the morning. But, whatever it is, it would be nice to add one exaggeratively. If everyone had no shortcomings, how boring it would be to live!

Facing girls who want to learn sexuality from her,

Her suggestions are:

Dont save your beautiful underwear for your date. Will you wear it for yourself?

Every time I hear girls say, I wear this to make others look good, theres always a little discomfort. We could have made ourselves happy first.

On sexuality, she also said a word that Xiaokong agreed with very much:

Sexuality isnt about seducing men, its about releasing women from your heart.

(source: News)

This sentence, also to see all the girls here!


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