If the United States pursues tiktok, Chinese enterprises will be suppressed if they become the first in the world?

 If the United States pursues tiktok, Chinese enterprises will be suppressed if they become the first in the world?

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In the US, politicians have been considering the ban on short term video tiktok TikTok, which is based on national security. After hearing the decision of the US Congress to ban TikTok use by the public officials, the US private equity fund, such as pan the Atlantic investment and Sequoia Capital, is now communicating with the US Treasury and regulators to plan to acquire TikT. At that time, Beijing based byte hop, the parent company of tiktok, will only retain the position of non voting minority shareholders in tiktok. Although byte skipping officials have not yet accepted the motion, tiktok may not be able to get rid of the end of being changed hands.

If the scene of US capital taking over tiktok and completely Americanizing tiktok really happens, it will be a direct plunder against Chinese companies with global ambitions.

Tiktoks success in the global market, including the United States, and its influence in connecting hundreds of millions of young users around the world are not something that can be bought or should be obtained only by US dollars. There is byte hopping behind it. As a technology companys unique machine learning and algorithm technology, which is not only used for tiktok products, but also as a global organizations accumulation of cognition on the diversity and diversity of different cultures in different countries and regions, and as a unique management method of a modern enterprise in terms of efficiency, transparency and flexibility, etc u3002 These endowments belong to tiktok from the beginning. They are not things that American capital should not buy or cant buy if they want to.

It is for this reason that we have universal concerns about tiktoks experience: if a product or technology of a Chinese technology company takes the first place in the world accidentally, it will probably become a thorn in the eye of some American politicians, and the big stick of data security and national security will swing over itself, and then be banned or banned Forced to sell with China cutting. This is a great challenge to the confidence and Prospect of Chinese technology companies going global.

America first is an American mindset, and has become a habit. That is to say, American society is accustomed to the natural first status in the fields of economy, science and technology, military and culture, and enjoys the rights and interests brought about by all these things. As for the technology industry, the top decision makers of the United States may not care about the market share of the shipment volume of personal computers and smart phones of American enterprises. However, in important and sensitive areas related to future competitiveness, such as artificial intelligence, chip research and development, 5g communication standards and equipment, robots and social networks, the United States must stick to the first position. Whether Huawei or byte hopping, including a series of artificial intelligence unicorns that are targeted by the United States, the reason for their containment is that they have already or may directly challenge the theorem of America first.

From the game between byte hopping and the United States, we can also feel a strong sense of powerlessness in dialogue: tiktok has almost exhausted all means of self certification: Publishing transparency reports to show the demands of governments for information deletion and user information request (India ranked first and did not receive response from tiktok, second in the United States); the process of public content audit; including the United States Countries including China, Singapore and the United Kingdom have built data centers to store local users; the internal workflow has isolated access to the codes involving local user data in different countries and regions; it has also hired senior executives from Disney to be in charge of all overseas business, which is different from China and the world in daily business governance However, almost all of this sincere communication aimed at gaining trust has been ignored by American political decision makers. They firmly believe that as a Chinese company, tiktoks parent company byte skipping will store user data in China, and then share the data with the Chinese government, endangering the national security of the United States. Once this logic is established, any explanation is futile.

This is the second thing that tiktok has been pursued and killed by the United States continuously. It tells us that the logic of globalization of American companies and Chinese companies is the conflict of two thinking modes.

But in the United States, as a multinational company, technology companies usually resist localization. To a large extent, it comes from the Anglo Saxon colonial tradition of the East India Company since the 18th century. The 1950s-1960s was a critical period for the rapid global expansion of American enterprises and the formation of contemporary transnational enterprises. This period was also the period of the collapse of the traditional territorial colonies. Therefore, we would rather say that the prosperity of American style multinational enterprises is essentially a continuation of colonialism. From this perspective, it is not difficult to understand why many multinational enterprises, especially American technology enterprises, are reluctant to do so because they know clearly that localization in the countries where the decentralization business is located can bring higher efficiency and performance, because it is not in line with the mission of American multinational enterprises in addition to profit and growth: exporting values and methodology. From this point of view, it is not difficult to understand that some American technology companies, whether they are Microsoft, Cisco or Google, which are trying to further localize, further comply with Chinese laws and regulations, and put data and important information in China, will be questioned and criticized in the US Congress hearing because the American political elites never think that this matter is just a matter of fact Its just a business.

Whether it is Chinese technology companies and American technology companies, or between China and the United States, these are two completely different modes of thinking. The difficulty of dialogue in the face of conflict can be imagined. But if Chinese technology companies ignore or ignore the natural barriers and barriers of this dialogue, it will only be more difficult for Chinese technology companies to engage in dialogue and game.

The third thing that tiktok was chased by the United States tells us is that a Chinese technology company that has won the global market success, trying to prove by disguise that it is not a Chinese company, but an American company or the so-called global company. In fact, it is painstaking to do so.

In the past few years, in many fields, such as mobile browser, mobile game and tool application, there have been many Chinese companies that have gained a lot in the global market. When these companies share their experience in forums and conferences at home and abroad, they often use the term never thought we are a Chinese company to describe their success, which is quite self satisfied or takes the initiative to use it We are actually a global company evades its Chinese corporate attributes. Desalination of Chinese color seems to be a kind of superior label, or amulet.

Regardless of whether the success of Alibaba, Huawei and Tencent has already made the development of Chinas and even the worlds technology industry farewell to the worship of Silicon Valley, only those technology companies that have tried their best to cover up their Chinese attributes to prove their success in globalization may ignore an essential problem: your Chinese background can still be covered up now, because you are not strong enough to be one To such an extent that no one cares which countrys technology company you are. If you are strong enough to challenge the leading position of the United States in key areas one day, your Chinese card will be turned out as a chip to be suppressed.

No Chinese company is more like an American company than tiktok - fully integrated into the cultural attributes of the local youth community, completely independent of Chinas operation and governance system, Caucasian faces of former Disney executives, localization of data centers But none of this will really get tiktok out of the suspicion of Chinese companies. As long as your parent company is in China and your founder is Chinese, no matter how localized you are, you are a Chinese company. The solution, in addition to the crackdown, is to give it to the Americans thoroughly - as American capital is trying to acquire tiktok.

You know, in the United States, everything can happen in order to prove that you are a Chinese company or not: the US Council on foreign investment (CFIUS) has been investigating byte hopping pairs Musical.ly It is believed that this merger and acquisition of American companies has laid the foundation for tiktok Musical.ly Return the investment and split it again. in fact, Musical.ly It turned out to be a Chinese company headquartered in Shanghai, China, invested by Chinese companies and equity investment funds, while its users were mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States. But to crack down on tiktok, it has to be treated as an American company. Zoom, a video conference listed company founded by Yuan Zheng, a Chinese American of the first generation, is headquartered in Silicon Valley and serves the vast majority of its customers in the United States. Because of its R & D institutions in China, it was once defined as a Chinese company by some people in the US Congress for its convenience in accusing China of illegally obtaining data. Since such things can happen, whats the point of a Chinese company having to pretend that its not a Chinese company?

As a Chinese company, it is not disgraceful to be Huawei and byte beat, but an honor. It is a proof that Chinas scientific and technological innovation business organizations have bid farewell to the worship of Silicon Valley in a sense. Byte skipping will face such a clear reality: like Huawei, you are a Chinese company, and you, like Huawei, will suffer the price of being suppressed and contained by No.1. We believe that you have enough wisdom and game means to deal with such a crisis. As a Chinese, we are proud of you.

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