Sandals are out of date, and now its fashionable to wear workers boots

 Sandals are out of date, and now its fashionable to wear workers boots

Having said that, I still cant cope with some occasions, such as a classmate party, shopping with my best friend, or making an appointment. I have to dress up carefully. After all, if you lose, you cant lose.

Today, Im going to tell you a piece that can immediately enhance your sense of fashion. Its Martin boots.

What? Is that right? Its so hot in summer that you let me wear Martin boots

Shoes are the most important piece that determines your overall style. So, in front of good looks, what is heat?

Carrying goods Queen Yang Mi is very fond of wearing Martin boots, and her collocation for ordinary people, reference is also very high.

Purple split skirt, a piece that seems to be hard to control, is easy to show dust and cheap if you dont wear it well, but it immediately becomes different with a pair of cool Martin boots.

Martin boots neutralize the sweet and greasy feeling of half skirt, fashion degree 100 points.

In fact, Martin boots is not the general name of a class of shoes. In the beginning, it actually refers to one of the brandsu2014u2014 Dr.Martens Martin boots.

Strong sense of fashion

Why do female stars and fashion stars prefer to be hot to death and wear Martin boots? Because its really fashionable.

Then what shall I do?

At this time, wear a pair of horse Ding boots, add a bit of neutral element to the overall look, and the degree of fashion will come up at once. Second change fashion female devil head.

High and thin

what? What about the effect of high and thin Martin boots?

Because the soles of Martins boots are thicker, they can increase the height to a certain extent. If you add a pair of inner height quietly, the effect will be more obvious.

Height a tall, leg natural long, leg a long, whether show thin? Im such a smart kid.

Regardless of season

Martin can only wear shoes for a year.

So its a good deal to buy a pair of Martin boots. No matter what season comes out, it is a good hand to create fashionable shape.

The models of basic Martin boots are divided according to the number of holes. The more holes, the higher the height of the boot.

It can be roughly divided into 6 holes, 8 holes, 10 holes, 14 holes, 20 holes, that is, we often say short, medium and high side.

One of the most popular is the eight hole Martin boot, which is also the most suitable height for most people. Just to the ankle, can play a role in modifying the leg.

In terms of color, there are many kinds of Martin boots, black is the most versatile and common.

In addition, bright red, wine red and khaki are also very good-looking. Sisters can match according to the clothes they wear that day.

Pair with shorts

Everyone has shorts in summer, but its hard to match shoes.

Its too hard to match with high heels and short legs with flat shoes.

Then try to match it with Martin boots, maybe you can find a different self.

It doesnt work with sneakers.

The popularity of cycling pants is still on the rise. Zhao Liying is full of vitality with cycling pants and T-shirt and a pair of riding boots.

But this method is only suitable for chopsticks leg sisters, or it will be a disaster.

Match with skirt

Dress is a must-have in summer. Its easy to wear and doesnt have to worry about matching.

I have just said that if you wear too sweet dress, it will inevitably appear a little sweet and greasy, and sometimes it will show low. But as long as a pair of Martin boots, you can immediately balance off the sweet and greasy feeling brought by the ruffle, fashionable and personalized.

Especially this kind of lace material dress, it is very difficult to wear a high-end feeling.

If you match high heels, you are wrong. This is the time to find a new way to match a pair of Martin boots and change into a fashion icon in minutes.

Pair with overalls

This years overalls are also the single product of the fire. At the moment of the popularity of neutral wind, how can we have less overalls.

Coincidentally, the overalls and Martin boots are a perfect match. They are handsome and sweet. The key is that the effect of modifying the leg shape is particularly obvious, and the skin covering is also thin. Whats the reason to reject it?

Overalls and Martin boots, a wide one tight contrast, will set off the legs more slender.

Like BM style sisters, not only can wear short skirt Oh, overalls are also super handsome.

Short vest, with overalls, can show a good figure, but also completely personality, super suitable for cool girls.

Well, thats all for today~

Do you love these slim, tall and fashionable shoes?

I am a pill paper that I can wear. Pay attention to me and learn more collocation skills. Im serious about beautifying!