Real Madrids 7 superstars appeared in 20 minutes and swept away 3 million! CCTV angry criticism: cheated all Chinese fans

 Real Madrids 7 superstars appeared in 20 minutes and swept away 3 million! CCTV angry criticism: cheated all Chinese fans

A Spanish club has traveled a long way, a long distance, across half the world, to come to China for what, in fact, we are all tacit. But there are still some which pot does not open, which pot media thorough inquiry, and then got a Real Madrid player such an answer.

As for what this job is, it is certainly not the game against the modern team that Beckhams expected, because the then manager, Mr. Rosenberg, said:

After the teams Austria training is the most important pre-season preparation.

If Real Madrids trip to China in 2003 has left Chinese fans unfinished, then the trip to China two years later will skip just right and go straight to the disgusting point.

The fans are not satisfied, the sponsors are not satisfied, and even at the end of the day, even Real Madrid players are pouring bitterness at the media, and the only one who is satisfied may be Florentino.

Florentino exchanged gifts with Xie Yalong, then president of China Football Association

According to the Spanish media at that time, Real Madrid planned to earn 30 million euro during the global tour from the United States to Asia in 2005. Although the expected target of 6.5 million euro was not achieved in five days in Beijing, 4 million euro was still obtained.

Real Madrids global tour, some people say that we are plundering the whole world, but I would like to say that the income we get from numerous commercial activities is to buy more and better world stars. The income from our business activities doesnt give players dividends, and I dont get any money besides my salary

Florentino was right about that, because it was after the last commercial game of his Asian tour in Thailand that Real Madrid officially announced Robinhos joining. A few months later, Santos club president revealed that Robinhos transfer fee was not much, just 30 million euro.

It can be said that the money is earned by his Real Madrid team-mates.


On July 19, Real Madrid finished their U.S. tour and flew to Beijing from Los Angeles.

After more than 10 hours of flight, he arrived in Beijing in the early morning of the 20th. In principle, after a long flight, they should rest as soon as possible and adjust the time difference. However, the Real Madrid team did not stay in the hotel in the city center. Instead, they drove from the airport to Xianghe, Hebei Province, which is 48 kilometers away in a straight line.

Xie Yalong, then chairman of the Chinese Football Association, shook hands with Darrow

In 2005, Real Madrid wanted to buy Beijing Guoan club through a middleman, but the real intention behind it was that Florentino, the boss of ACS company, the second largest European builder, wanted to use this move to cooperate with CITIC Group behind Beijing Guoan, so as to open up the Chinese market.

Therefore, Real Madrid went all the way to live in CITIC Guoans first city in the world in order to decorate the signing ceremony on that day. And the worlds first city also spent 300000 yuan to prepare a grand fireworks show.

Group photo of the participants at the welcome meeting at that time

Although Beijing Guoan also wanted to carry out joint-stock reform at that time, they did not want to hand over the control of the club. Real Madrid were also full of doubts about whether to name Beijing Guoan. As a result, after more than six hours of negotiations, the signing ceremony was finally cancelled.

Business cooperation is not very normal, but the team and fireworks have become decorations.

Li Chengpengs comments on Real Madrid Guoans intention of marriage

When Real Madrid visited China in 2003, Gaud, as the organizer, arranged a lot of commercial activities. However, at that time, Real Madrid abandoned most of the activities on the ground of busy training. Two years later, the situation changed greatly. Real Madrid not only accepted all the activities arranged by Gaode company, but also accepted many activities by itself.

On the morning of the 21st, after breakfast, Real Madrid drove to Beijing. They should have stayed in Kunlun Hotel first. They went directly to the Great Hall of the people to attend the press conference of this trip to China. After finishing the lunch prepared for them by the municipal government, they went to Sanyuanqiao to attend the unveiling ceremony of real horse Avenue held by a real estate company.

Less than 20 minutes after his appearance, Real Madrid took away 3 million appearance fees with the fingerprints of seven big stars. For this reason, they also stood up CCTV and let host Zhang Bin say angrily:

Real Madrid deceived all the Chinese fans.

Fans and manufacturers have to work hard, and players have to run hard.

Under the heavy traffic, the training in the industrial sports on the 21st naturally became a walking track. After the seven stars simply ran and passed the ball, they returned to the rest room, and the next day everything was as usual.

Starting in the morning, Real Madrid stars began to walk around, and Septwolves invited more than 300 dealers from all over the country to see the seven stars of Real Madrid. From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., they didnt see it.

The highlight of the 22nd was originally Real Madrids training in TEDA football field. There were 45 minutes of internal training, 30 minutes of free kick competition and 45 minutes of confrontation with the national youth team. As a result, one activity was squeezed down and the activity started near 5 oclock before the whole team started from Beijing.

45 minutes of internal training intensity reduced, the free kick competition became a free kick guide, as for the match against the national youth team was directly cut off.

When the genius arrived in Tianjin, Chen Tao was still looking forward to learning free kick skills with his idol, Beckhams. To be honest, on the plane in the morning, I still want to observe his footwork closely and study hard. I also want to send my free kick to the corner of the goal As a result, only five minutes were learned.

At the end of the training, when asked whether it was reasonable to go back and forth for four hours for one hours training, then Real Coach Rosenberg had to say:

This is the clubs arrangement, there is no unreasonable, warm-up is always good...


On July 23, it rained heavily in Beijing.

The rain did not stop the enthusiasm of fans, nor did it stop Real Madrid from attending commercial activities. Raul alone attended four business events that morning. He only showed up at each scene for 10 minutes. However, the female fans waiting for him had been waiting for several hours in the pouring rain.

The rain doesnt mean to stop, but the game is getting closer and closer.

In the workers Stadium, the most worrying thing for the staff still happened: near the middle circle, there were three obvious waterlogging areas on the turf, and the poor site conditions had already predicted that the nights game would not be very exciting.

In fact, off the field, the situation is already obvious.

If you think about it, 30 yuan is 30 yuan. Zhongchao wants 10 yuan, and 30 yuan can see Real Madrid. Whats the concept...

Four hours before the game, seeing that the tickets were about to be smashed in their hands, the scalpers began to sell tickets at a price lower than the face value. The first-class ticket of 880 yuan has been reduced to 80 yuan, while the second-class ticket of 180 yuan only needs 30 yuan.

Compared with two years ago, such a scene can only be described as the difference between heaven and earth.

Although the yellow cattle are very skillful, they also said that the weather made many fans choose to watch the ball at home, and now they have to sell as much as they can.

However, after several exciting visits to China, the fans have obviously lost their original freshness

Its just to watch a commercial game. The price of tickets is too ridiculous.

In the end, only 70% of the workers Stadium, which can seat 60000 people, was seated. The colorful rain gear and large empty stands became the background when the players of both sides appeared.

Although the training is not systematic, but Rosenberg in the starting lineup or sent a large number of main players, Ronaldo, Owen, Raul, Zidane and Carlos and other stars all appeared, but the most eye-catching Beck because of injury in the U.S. game, not even the substitute list.

Before the start of the game, Zidane pointed to the water and said something to Carlos, and seeing the conditions of the field, the Real Madrid players who had been wary of injury knew what to do.

After the start of the game, benefited from the poor situation of the venue and the bad state of Real Madrid, Beijing Hyundai team instead played several good attacks, and the first four shots were all from the home team.

In Yang Pus view, Real Madrids star didnt do his best, at least in the first half.

In the 31st minute of the game, Beijing Hyundai opened a corner kick. Yelic headed the ball to the goal, and Lu Jiang scored in front of the goal.

After the game, Lu Jiangle kept happy. In his memory, yelics header just hit my feet, and it was too late to turn around. He played temporarily, pushed along the trend, and by coincidence, he entered.

Five minutes later, Raul caught the opponents mistake, broke into the forbidden area and levelled the score, finally making the working body a little boiling.

Entering the second half of 60 minutes, Rosenberg began to replace the big stars, which caused bursts of sighs. After 13 minutes, Real Madrid were hit again. Beijing Hyundai launched a counterattack after cutting the ball in the back court, and yelic, who delivered an auxiliary attack in the first half, scored the goal.

Real Madrid also made efforts after we scored the second goal. Its not easy to make the opponents anxious in the business competition with such a strong team.

Real Madrid draw 2-2

Yang Pu fouls, Juan Fran makes a point

Figo, real 3-2

Indeed, Yang Pu and his teammates felt the pressure from the Spanish giants after the score turned 2-1. In the last 15 minutes of the game, substitutes FIGO and Guti began to drive Real Madrid to improve their intensity, and the latter equalised again in 80 minutes. And Yang Pu in the subsequent defense down Juan - Fran, FIGO use penalty kick to exceed the score, Real Madrid harvest the victory of the game.

Although the opponent obviously worried about the court and physical reasons, did not put forward their full strength, but can score two goals in Real Madrid, Beijing Hyundai players have nothing to regret, this is the same view of the team.

As Xu Yunlong said:


Were losing millions at least this time. Real Madrid is good, rolled up the money and left, we have to stay to wipe their ass

On the morning of the 24th, Real Madrid packed their bags and prepared to go to Tokyo, the second stop of the Asian tour. However, as the organizer, Golder, their troubles are just beginning.

Due to Real Madrid did not complete all commercial activities in five days, a large number of sponsors came to visit, Gaud had to appease one by one and seek a settlement acceptable to both sides. Two years later, only Florentinos pocket was bulging, compared with two years ago.

However, in fact, Gaode should have realized the difficulty of hosting this business competition, because in just two years, the scene has been greatly different.

In 2003, Hongta Group and Jianlibao, as the two main sponsors of Real Madrids China tour, saved Gaode a lot of heart. However, before this visit to China, Hongta had only attracted a few enterprises with the sponsorship contracts of 10 million yuan and 3 million yuan.

Real Madrid fans at the gate of industrial sports during Real Madrids China tour in 2005

Although Liu Hongwei, general manager of Gaode company, praised this situation as a little makes a lot of money and long-term cooperation, it still cant cover up the cooling trend of the Chinese market to visit China. Therefore, both Gaode company and Real Madrid have arranged a lot of commercial activities for the team. In addition, due to the lack of communication between the two sides, there has been a crash phenomenon.

We have some responsibility in this regard.

After Real Madrid left China, the truth of some accidents began to surface.

According to people familiar with the matter, the reason why CCTV stood up was mainly because the company and Adidas, the main global sponsor of Real Madrid, failed to reach a sharing agreement. As a result, Adidas put pressure on Real Madrid, which could not afford to offend the big money owners. In the end, real Madrid had to cancel the recording activity, and Gaode company had to bear the name of poor organization.

Fans of Real Madrid in Tianjin

As for the training shrinkage in Tianjin, it is because of the internal contradiction between the Real Madrid competition department and the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry of Commerce contacted all the activities, but not with the competition department. When it comes to the point, the competition department emphasizes that players need to rest, while the Ministry of commerce is under the pressure of contracts, which leads to all kinds of criticism.

In the final analysis, during this visit to China, both Golder and Real Madrid have more intense revenue pressure, and joint efforts has turned a business competition into a concentrated hole.

For Real Madrid club, they need to relieve the pressure of revenue and expenditure and earn transfer funds through various ways, while for golde, they have to accumulate a little and make a lot if they dont get a big sponsor. The method of collecting interview fees from reporters two years ago is still in use, and the number of caddies has become a new form of income generation.

Under such a background, it is not surprising that the planned activities frequently make mistakes and changes. Even the security personnel can see the confusion: their actions are always out of order. In fact, the itinerary has been arranged. However, it is too late for us to arrange the police force and vehicles when they say that there are such activities, and then they will participate in such activities.

Homesick? Especially your children.

Every player is homesick when playing outside, and I am one of them. There is no better place in the world than home.

In an interview, he expressed his regret that he was not able to play. However, when the reporter mentioned his family, thousands of fans who have been running around the world since mid July can not help feeling disappointed.

From a certain point of view, the fans of the industrial sports group are still lucky. Although the heavy rain has disturbed the game, at least they have seen a goal fight that ends with Real Madrids victory. In Tokyo, Real Madrid lost 0-3 to the bottom of the J League at that time, and Tokyo Japan TV, the failure put the contradiction between the team and the management on the table.

According to as, Ronaldo said the team didnt have much time to train and had to play with little preparation before taking part in the game.

As a result, the famous Real Madrid seven stars on the court look like sleepwalking, rigid body, lost to the J League penultimate is not surprising. After the game, many players hope that the team can finish the Asian tour ahead of time, so that the team can return to the normal pace of preparation.

Of course, this is far from forcing the palace. After appeasing the management, the team still went to Thailand for the last stop.

After all, Robinhos transfer fee had not yet been collected.

I think from a sports point of view, real lost because the long journey is devastating for the players physical strength.

Beck and Raul took part in the event and took a photo with the fans

Salgado mercilessly criticized the clubs approach in the summer of 2005, but he also said that as an employee of the club, players can only obey. In these 15 years, the football world has changed a lot. With the players union becoming more and more powerful, it is difficult for clubs today to arrange such frequent business activities for players.

Whats more, players have their own activities to run.

However, in the past 15 years, it is doubtful whether the Chinese security guards have changed the old habit of simple and rude behavior. When asked about the most unhappy thing in Beijing, he mentioned one detail:

What makes me most unhappy is to see a girl holding my picture. I want to get close to her, but its impossible. Shes thin, shes pushed very far back by the crowd, but I want to tell her that Ill remember her

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