Xiujiekai talks about Jia Jingwens first film as a producer: maybe Im too expensive

 Xiujiekai talks about Jia Jingwens first film as a producer: maybe Im too expensive

Jia Jingwen recently became a producer and star for the first time in a new play. His wife was busy filming and xiujiekai was a cook at home. She was asked why his wife didnt ask him to film? He confessed that the 2 did not play together, and thought the couples play seemed strange, but then joked: yes, maybe I am too expensive. She should know that I am very idle. I will go and find out which roles have not yet been set.

Referring to Jia Jingwens short hair and black framed glasses for the new play, xiujiekai couldnt help but tell: in fact, she is usually like this, and there are more Its hard to say, cant destroy her image , immediately sweet mouth praise wifes new shape is good-looking, also very suitable for the role of the state, also look forward to the future husband and wife have the opportunity to cooperate.

His wife is busy, but xiujiekai is not idle. He takes his daughter Wuwu and Bo Niu to school, cooks and sleeps every day. He also rides a bicycle and swims with him. The two cute babies are tanned, and Bo Niu becomes a black girl. In the past, he always needs to talk with his former lover. Recently, he has been promoted. Xiujiekai once got together with his friends with Jia Jingwens consent As soon as he was out of the house, the software broke down and said that I couldnt. I was not allowed to go out. If I wanted to go out, I had to take them out with me. finally, he had to cancel the plan of going out and stay at home, calling out that Jia Jingwen was very relieved to go out to work with her daughter staring at him all the time.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788