Jin Xiche reported malicious attackers after the interviewees as many as dozens of prosecution

 Jin Xiche reported malicious attackers after the interviewees as many as dozens of prosecution

Q: What is the content of the bad comment submitted to the police?

A: Its too serious to describe in words. There are basic things like want to kill you and like x, and theres a lot of sexual ridicule. The contents of the dead president and the female artists who are close to each other are mocked by the words they dont want to say in their mouths. Especially the content about my friends going to heaven is very serious.

Q: How many people are suing

A: At present, dozens of bad comments have been collected which are so serious that they have to be dealt with by law. Although tens of thousands of pieces have been collected, there is not enough time for sorting out. In the future, hundreds, thousands, try to catch them.

Q: What do you think of bad reviews

A: From the beginning of being an artist, there are a lot of bad comments, because artists think dont look at this life. I think I should humbly accept freedom of speech. But recently, watching the younger brothers and sisters go through bad things and feel that it cant go on like this. recently, its not just the artists who are suffering from bad reviews

Q: The most angry moment was

A: When I saw the message saying, I cant sue anyway, Ill try it. How about it? when my close friends went to the kingdom of heaven, the comments came to me. But such a bad comment is so conspicuous that he seems to think I will not sue him. It may also be because most artists cant sue because of their image problems, and there are words like after all, lawsuits will end with reconciliation. Try it, how about is a sarcastic tone.

Q: Legal measures were announced in April this year. Did the bad reviews disappear after that?

A: Although I dont know whether they are still writing negative comments behind their backs, they will not be directly seen now, but there are still sarcastic people.

Q: I heard that many people around helped with the prosecution?

A: If the party concerned comes to find a bad comment, the spirit will really collapse, just like listening to 100 people say Kim Hee Che to die every day. So, I applied for a report email on April 22. Fans sent nearly 100000. The legal team, who just started to check the mail, was afraid that I would be hurt and would not let me see these malicious messages.

Q: Reasons for saying no good

Q: How did the fellow artists react

A: A lot of support has been given. Yu, Jin Jiayan openly gave her advice, especially the support of young artists of later generations, which was impressive. We are still new, and we still dont know how to deal with it. my brother (girls name) or brothers (boys) must win.

Q: What do you want to say to a bad critic

A: I dont want to explain my situation to them one by one. It has no such value. I want to see if they can do it when they are tapping the keyboard in front of the computer in the police station. During this period, many people worked hard and made many people cry. These people believe that they will get corresponding punishment.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788