Italys Serie A massacre was blown 4 goals by VaR in a single game! 0-2 rout Gattuso said

 Italys Serie A massacre was blown 4 goals by VaR in a single game! 0-2 rout Gattuso said

In the first eight minutes, Napoli took the lead early. In front of the left restricted area, the left back haisai suddenly cut in and shot down with his right foot, driving the ball into the far corner of the goal.

In the case of one goal behind, sasolo scored four goals in a row, but were blown offside by the var. In the 32nd minute consensus, kaputo middle straight pass, kyulicci restricted area left stab shot to break, offside is relatively obvious this time.

Five minutes later, sasolo was knocked off the second goal. Traores left foot in the restricted area was saved by a push from his right foot, and giulicci followed up with a make-up shot. From the VaR line, Traore was offside half of the body.

In the 49th minute, sasolo was knocked off the third goal by VaR, which was a centimeter offside. Bellardi in a slightly offside situation to organize the attack, kapto right side of the penalty area shot hard, but was canceled.

Ten minutes later, sasolo was knocked off the fourth goal by the var. Caputo made the ball in the middle, and bellardi followed up with a push. From the slow lens, it is not difficult to see that Caputo was obviously offside in front of the ball.

In the history of the five major leagues, sasolo is the first team to get four goals in a single game by var.

Naples, who escaped the disaster, finally locked in the victory in the 93rd minute. Mertens hit the right side, Alans right foot pushed the ball into the lower left corner of the goal.

At the end of the game, Napoli coach Gattuso talked about the four goals that sasolo had been cancelled: we created nine opportunities and should have been three or four goals ahead in the first half. I dont think the performances of both sides in this game are not equal. Offside is part of the football game. The opportunities created by the two teams are not of the same order of magnitude. I want to defend my team and I think they are doing great

After the Champions League qualifier, Napolis first game is away against Barcelona. We hope to make history because Napoli have never been in the last eight of the Champions League. Gattuso said, we cant make any small mistakes against Barcelona. As long as they get a little chance, they can score goals. Throughout the game, we have to play with our heads. We have to be able to think, to cover space in the right way, and to be 100 percent focused.

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