Macys wife kisses her and lives in luxury Seaview Hotel

 Macys wife kisses her and lives in luxury Seaview Hotel

Messi was dressed in a casual look of T-shirt, shorts and a sun hat, while Antonella wore a gorgeous blue low cut dress. On INS, Macy posted pictures and thanks the hotel staff: thank you for the warm welcome from hotelsvive friends. We had a great day!

Why does Macy call the hotel staff friends here? He is not polite, but because the hotel belongs to him, he has known the staff of the hotel for a long time. In recent years, Macy has entered the hotel industry and created MIM personal brand. Macy bought the hotel called esvive in March 2018 and incorporated it into its own brand.

In addition to her love for Messi, Antonella also posted a photo of her family on a yacht on INS. Tiago, the eldest son, stands quietly in front of Messi, and his second son, Matteo, stands in front of Antonella. He gives the camera a thumbs up. The third son Siro was held in Antonellas arms, and his right hand was just in front of his mothers chest.

The yacht has four cabins and a sunbathing platform, as well as many water rides. According to the world sports daily, the yacht costs 7500 euros a day and 49000 euros a week. In Ibizas blue sea, Messi and Suarez took yachts to sea many times.

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