After four dislocations in a season, the Premier League muscle monster wipes his arm with baby oil! Its too hard

 After four dislocations in a season, the Premier League muscle monster wipes his arm with baby oil! Its too hard

The 24-year-old is from Barcelona youth training, but since he came to England football, Traore has developed a good body, and now he is a muscular monster. However, Traore dislocated his left shoulder when wolves played Tottenham at home in December last year, which has become his old problem. He has dislocated four times this season. Once it develops into a habitual dislocation, it may affect Traores career. In the 34th round of the Premier League this month, wolves lost 1-0 away to Sheffield United, and Traore was pulled by his opponents arm during the breakthrough, resulting in shoulder dislocation.

To prevent dislocations during the game, wolves doctors advised Traore to put baby oil on his arm to avoid pulling his arm. In the last round of wolves home game against Crystal Palace in the Premier League, fans found that the team doctor smeared baby oil on Traores arm before the game and at half-time, making his arm more slippery, and it was more difficult for opponents to hold his arm during defense.

Its also a necessary measure for us to protect Traore, a wolf insider told the sun. The defenders are very worried about Traore getting out of defense with speed, so they always reach out and pull his arm, which may cause him to dislocate his shoulder again in the game. Fully lubricating his arm will make it harder for the opponent to grasp him and help prevent further injury

Traores quick break has always been a headache for opponents, and the next game will be a more slippery one for the Chelsea defenders, who will obviously be more difficult to defend. If wolves win away from home in the last round of the league, they will be able to secure the top six of the Premier League and play in the Europa League next season, although wolves last beat Chelsea away 41 years ago. Chelsea need only one point to qualify for next seasons Champions League.

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