The 36 year old queen of double crown: the trophy is broken!

 The 36 year old queen of double crown: the trophy is broken!

In the Russian Super League, Zenit of St. Petersburg won the championship early. In the final of the Russian cup, Zenit played against first division team Himki. This seemingly strong and weak game, but it was not until the 84th minute that the only goal appeared.

Barcas old goalkeeper Malcolm fell on the right side of the penalty area and made a controversial penalty. Zenits core center djuba took a penalty kick and he scored easily in one move. The penalty kick won Zenit the Russian cup.

Zenit has won seven top league titles and five Russian cups (including the former Soviet Union cup) in the history of Zenit. Zenit has been crowned the double for the second time in its history this season. In 2010, Zenit also won the Russian Super League and the Russian cup.

In the celebration after the game, Zenit captain Ivanovic accidentally dropped the cup and threw it on the ground. The edge of the cup was even torn apart. A teammate picked up a pistol like trophy remains, made a joking gesture of shooting.

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