The times have really changed! In 1999, the Chinese protested in front of the US embassy in tears

 The times have really changed! In 1999, the Chinese protested in front of the US embassy in tears

Last night, a friend sent a very emotional remark:

In 1999, the Chinese protested in front of the U.S. embassy with tears in their eyes; in 2020, they took photos in front of the U.S. Consulate with a smile. The times have really changed!

In a flash, 21 years have passed.

The times have really changed.

This paragraph reminds me of too many memories.

On May 8, 1999, it was a day when there was no wind and sand in Beijing, but flying catkins were everywhere.

On the morning of the same day, the bad news came: at 5:45 a.m. Beijing time (23:45 p.m. local time) on May 8, the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia was attacked by US military missiles in far away beigrad, and three Chinese people in the embassy, Shao yunhuan, Xu Xinghu and Zhu Ying, were killed.

The darkest day in the history of International Journalism in China.

This is the Museum bombing incident that shocked the world at that time!

I wrote the opening paragraph of the book China cant be deceived

In May 1999, Beijing was full of beautiful spring scenery and flying catkins. In this warm and warm spring breeze, we could smell the blood of Belgrade. This time, the blood was so choking that the Chinese were immersed in grief and anger.

On May 8, the Chinese people will always remember this day, and the Chinese press will always remember it. The passage of time will not wash away the bloodstains left by Chinese journalists in the history books. On this day, it was not only the day of German Fascist surrender; on this day, the hearts of three excellent Chinese journalists stopped beating forever, and their previous flexible steps became eternal. They died in the brutal attack of NATO led by the United States, and the location was the Embassy of the peoples Republic of China in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

This morning, I found the book from the bookshelf and opened the slightly yellowing pages. I cant help but tears in my eyes.

The photo on the cover at that time showed a young man wearing glasses, holding up the sign of vowing to defend Chinas sovereignty to the death, shouting with grief and indignation.

The preface was written by Gao Qiufu, the leader at that time. His first sentence was: reading this manuscript with tears full of grief and indignation, it was difficult to calm down

I still remember clearly that one of my teachers with eye diseases was sitting on the sofa in the office, and suddenly tears could not help but overflow. Such grief, at the same time, infects us. At that time, Shao Yunhuan memorial hall, which was set up on the first floor of Xinhua News Agency building, many people bowed and wept

And the anger of the nation. In the next few days, outside the U.S. Embassy and consulate in China, there were various scenes of public anger

In 2008, China and the United States also joined hands to fight against the international financial crisis. For a time, sharing weal and woe has become a hot word in the US political arena.

But 21 years later, because of the political manipulation of the United States, Sino US relations have reached a new crossroads.

A Chinese consulate was shut down for an unwarranted crime. Dont forget that in February 1979, Comrade Xiaoping visited the United States to watch the equestrian show near Houston. He took the cowboy hat from the American cowboy and put it on his head, which became a classic scene in the history of Chinese diplomacy. In November of the same year, Houston established the first Chinese Consulate General in the United States.

Now, the U.S. says its off.

In Wang Yis words, the current difficulties in Sino US relations are entirely caused by the United States. Its purpose is to try to completely interrupt Chinas development process, so that we can do whatever we can, even without a bottom line

Such a United States, where there is a big country should look like?

But the times have really changed.

China has Chinas strategy and will not dance with the US side, but it will never allow the US side to act foolishly.

China countered with each other and closed the US Consulate General in Chengdu.

Outside the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu, in recent days, many people are watching, taking photos, taking group photos, and some people are broadcasting Of course, there was also a man who threw a string of firecrackers excitedly, but Im sorry, this man was given administrative warning and punishment by the public security organ according to law.

On the Internet in China, more people laugh at why the US Consulate General in Chengdu is closed, because Chengdu says trump what many...

Its a joke, of course. Chengdu in the eyes of the storm is once again known to the world, but it is very peaceful and peaceful.

This can tell a lot. But I always feel that this actually reflects the humor and self-confidence of Chinese people.

It is not small, but we smile, because we are confident that our country has enough wisdom and strength to cope with all this.

After all, China is not what it was 21 years ago.

The volume is different. In 1999, Chinas GDP was more than 1 trillion US dollars, while that of the United States was nearly 10 trillion US dollars. Such a big China is only one ninth of that of the United States.

Naturally, the United States ranked first in the world. At that time, China ranked seventh in the world, followed by Japan, Germany, Britain, France and Italy.

China is not even as good as Italy.

But by 2019, Chinas GDP will be more than 14 trillion US dollars, and that of the United States will be more than 21 trillion, and China will be equivalent to two-thirds of that of the United States.

In particular, in 2020, Chinas GDP fell by 6.8% in the first quarter, but turned positive in the second quarter to 3.2%.

The world is amazed. How did China do it? According to the IMFs forecast, China will be the only major economy with positive growth in the world this year.

At the critical moment, thunderbolt means are the heart of Bodhisattva and the ruling ability.

The United States seems to be the same America, not even the original one.

Taking a look at the statistics in the early morning of this year, the number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 4 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 140000, both of which are firmly ranked first in the world.

As a result, Zhao Lijian, a well-informed spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs, lamented that the United States, as the most developed and mature country in medical technology in the world, has dealt with the epidemic to such an extent that it is both puzzling and thought-provoking

Its not just Zhao Lijian, who just saw that fudge, the anti epidemic captain of the United States, sighed: I have never seen such a society Is this still the United States of America?

The times have really changed.

In the past, the United States said that it would fight the alliance if it attacked Yugoslavia, and it would sanction Russia if it sanctions Russia. But now?

Of course, there are still very obedient followers, but we also see that the increasingly wayward United States is quitting the group if it disagrees with each other; the world that is more and more intolerant is helpless and angry.

As a result, the United States and France, the United States and Canada, the United States and Germany, and so on, have more than once had a fierce dispute

As a result, German Chancellor Angela Merkel sighed more than once: the United States is no longer the United States. She later pasted a classic picture of six sects besieging guangdingding

The times have really changed.

Twenty one years ago, it was the indignation and cry of the whole nation, which stimulated this country to work hard and strive to be strong.

Twenty one years later, China has attracted more attention from the world. Although there are still various deficiencies, the improvement of Chinas national strength is obvious to all. In the past few years, aircraft carriers have gone into the sea, large aircraft have been launched into the sky, and high-speed rail has expanded in all directions

Whats more, I always think, is the improvement of peoples mentality.

There must still be angry youths and all kinds of noises. But such a major event, we still smile, this is actually a kind of self-confidence.

Confidence in the world, there is no Chinese can not pass.

In particular, the recent big test has made the Chinese people feel this more seriously. We had lessons, but we faced them bravely and turned things around. In the United States, one thing after another makes people laugh and cry. Until today, many people are still arguing about the issue of masks

But behind this, it is a tragedy that life disappears one after another. 140000 lives, far from seeing the head

In a flash, 21 years passed.

At that time, the young people who were crying out for grief and indignation should have been a father and mother for a long time. After another generation, the waves have been surging, and they have begun a different life of self-confidence.

May the dead rest in peace, may our country be strong, and all our compatriots who have traveled far away be healthy and safe!

The times have really changed.

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