Pharmaceutical leaders have been investigated by more than 200 institutions, revealing the latest development of high barrier drugs

 Pharmaceutical leaders have been investigated by more than 200 institutions, revealing the latest development of high barrier drugs

Lizhu group has become one of the largest number of research institutions in the past week. According to the data, a total of 227 institutions have investigated the company, including 31 fund companies, 45 securities companies, 41 private equity companies, 14 insurance companies and 7 overseas institutions. In the survey summary, the company mentioned that microsphere is a high barrier drug, and the current centralized purchase has no great impact on the microspheres. There were also more questions from the institutions about the pharmaceutical industry. For example, an organization asked that the companys microsphere direction is in an obvious leading position among domestic enterprises. Can you give us a more in-depth discussion? For example, from the product project development and supervision communication ability, product industrialization ability and other directions.

The company said that the technology accumulation and industrialization experience of Lizhu microsphere platform are relatively advanced, and we are also actively accelerating.

In the process of project approval, Lizhu chooses the projects with competitive advantages, mainly according to the groups six major fields, to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses. We should grasp the direction of market and technology and avoid risks as much as possible.

Some organizations have asked, has the industrialization of microsphere products been completely solved? According to the company, the microsphere platform has experienced nearly 10 years of technical experience, and the current industrialization problem is not too big.

The company also answered the work arrangement for the second half of the year. The company said that Lizhu is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, sales and production. All the work is carried out around sales, R & D and production.

The first important task in the second half of the year is to implement the sales reform and realize the growth expectation of sales revenue. The second is the research and development work, to quickly promote the projects under study, complete the exploration and approval of new projects, and enter different R & D stages for different new products, so as to ensure the approval according to the companys plan, and continuously improve the construction of R & D team.

Other stocks surveyed by more than 50 institutions include Jufei optoelectronics, Kanghong pharmaceutical, Xingqi eye medicine, etc. Jufei optoelectronics obtained 99 research institutions. In the survey summary, organic asked how the company views the miniled market and whether it will have a positive impact on the companys performance in the future?

There are also institutions asking, in which direction will companies apply for public issuance of convertible bonds?

The company said that the funds raised from the public offering of convertible bonds will be used for the expansion of Huizhou LED products and the construction of Huizhou LED technology R & D center. The expansion of LED products includes the expansion of backlight LED, automotive LED and display LED; The research and development contents of the technology R & D center include miniled module manufacturing technology, microled module manufacturing technology, QD to LED packaging technology, biometric IRLED packaging technology, VCSEL laser device packaging technology, deep UV LED packaging technology and automotive LED packaging technology.

These companies reported a substantial increase in net profit

According to data treasure statistics, among the listed companies surveyed by institutions in the past week, the net profits of muyuan shares, Hongda new materials, Jinyi technology, * ST Salt Lake, Derun electronics, Bochuang technology, and Changan automobile are expected to increase significantly or turn a loss. Among them, the net profit of muyuan shares exceeded 10.7 billion yuan in the first half of the year, and it lost 156 million yuan in the same period last year.

The net profit of HTC is expected to reach 7 million yuan to 10 million yuan in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 657.17% to 981.67%. Jinyi technology expects net profit of 351.6 million yuan to 388.3 million yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 680.76% to 762.25% over the same period of last year.

This week, the A-share market has been in full correction, with the Shanghai composite index down 0.54%, the Shenzhen composite index down 1.37%, the medium and small board index down 2.34%, and the gem index down 1.3%.

It is found that in the past week, the average weekly increase of institutional research equity is more than 3%, which is stronger than the market. The biggest increase was in creative information, which rose more than 51% this week. Other stocks with larger growth are Hanyu pharmaceutical, Kangzhi pharmaceutical, Luxi Chemical, etc., with the cumulative increase of more than 10%. Among the stocks that fell, Jinke culture fell the most, more than 10%.

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