Zhao Jiwei: I really feel wronged for him

 Zhao Jiwei: I really feel wronged for him

Just looking at the second brother leaving the team, I cant help it Yesterday, I saw his painful expression and finished speaking! Im very upset because you dont know what I talked to my second brother? What is he thinking? I lived in the same room with him. After we came to Qingdao, we talked a lot about the injury. I also advised him not to play if he couldnt. He also said that he would protect his good-looking recovery. You jokingly said that if it was really broken, I wouldnt have to play. That would be the first and second biggest injury in sports! I understand why you say that. Do you understand? He gambled his career. Lets be practical. This is his contract year! What does a contract year mean? It means that you need to have a good state and good body as capital, no matter where you go, you need a good body, which is the premise!! So I dont believe there will be a second person at his age and this stage still choose to fight, but he did, which is why he started to stick to the line for the Liaoning basketball team in 15 years at the age of 15! So thats all I saw in my head yesterday! Yesterday, when you came back to my room, you said to me, is it a blessing or a disaster? It cant be avoided! Im really aggrieved for you, not willing! But when things happen, you have to face them like a man. Of course, men do not need me to teach you, because I am a man, you are iron man!!! Your roommate is waiting for you to come back and be a teammate! Zhao Jiwei said.

At present, Li Xiaoxu has returned to Shenyang to prepare for the next stage of the healing process. When he arrived at the Shenyang airport, he was warmly received by local fans.

Fans hold up the slogan Li Xiaoxu is pure man, Liaoning fans will always love you and follow along. Wherever Li Xiaoxu goes, he will be surrounded by the flash of the camera. From time to time, fans came forward to shake hands with Li Xiaoxu, and sent their own encouragement and blessing.

Although Li Xiaoxu limped along the way, it seems that his mental state is good, one by one to meet the requirements of the fans for a group photo. Before getting on the bus and leaving the airport, fans surrounded Li Xiaoxu and yelled come on, second brother. Li Xiaoxu also responded to the enthusiasm of the fans.

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