More than 100 crew Hengdian hot start! The salary of the public

 More than 100 crew Hengdian hot start! The salary of the public

The reporter learned from the shooting scene of a crew in Hengdian that there are more than 100 such troupes, large and small, in Hengdian. Compared with March this year, the number has tripled, and compared with July last year, it has also increased by 16%.

The staff told reporters that in Hengdian, there are 48 production teams and 63 preparatory teams. Due to the epidemic situation, many of the original production teams scheduled to start in March were postponed to July. Since June, Hengdian has ushered in a wave of start-up.

Some actors told reporters that most of the costumes were prepared for March recording, so they were very thick. At present, the highest temperature in Hengdian has reached 38 degrees Celsius, which is a challenge for all the crew.

The producer of the production team told reporters that at present, due to the large number of accommodation staff, all staff can only be divided into several different hotels for accommodation. In terms of setting scenery, it is often found that multiple production teams share the same location.

The reporter came to a hotel in Hengdian to see that in order to facilitate the long-term accommodation of the crew, each room of the hotel has a balcony and a clothes hanger. Staff told reporters that at present, 85% of the rooms in the 7 buildings of the hotel are full, and most of them are crew members.

Qiu Liuying, resident manager of Changzheng Hotel, Hengdian film and Television City, Zhejiang Province: the accommodation rate was about 60% in March. Now there are 7 production teams in production and 7 production teams in preparation. In September, we have two large-scale drama groups in reserve.

The demand for group shows has increased by nearly 8000 horizontal drifts

In Hengdian, there is a special group of people who are constantly flowing with the rise and fall of the industry. They are used to calling themselves hengpiao. They are the mass actors of Hengdian. The film and television industry has encountered an epidemic situation. What is the current living state of horizontal drift?

Liang Aiping is a popular actress who lives in Hengdian. When the reporter saw her, she was filming and listening to the director. Liang Aiping told reporters that the salaries of different identities are also different. Under normal circumstances, ordinary mass actors can get 90 yuan per day and 10 yuan per hour after shooting for more than 10 hours.

Liang Aiping, a mass actor in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province: if there is no dinner or lunch, there is a meal allowance. If you have no car, you will also have a car allowance. If you are lucky enough to be a stand in, you will have to pay more. The price of the prospect is a little more than that of the group show, which starts at more than 200 yuan a day. The special arrangement is to set different prices according to different roles and groups. In May, because there is not much drama, the salary is about 1000 yuan or so. Now in July, although it is not time to pay the salary, it is estimated that the minimum wage will be 3000 yuan.

Reporters in Hengdian actors union service department to see, early in the morning, there are many people to line up to consult registration actor card. A group show administrator told reporters that at present, there are 16 trade unions for people like him. Almost every administrator takes about 150 group performers to the scene every day. Since July, there has been a growing demand for new cast members to join the guild.

Zhao long, on-site administrator of the actors Union of Hengdian film and Television City, Zhejiang Province: during the epidemic in March, the number of resident group performers dropped from about 5000 last year to about 2000. During the epidemic period, most of them were part-time performers. Since May, the production team has gradually recovered, and there are about 8000 people at present.

Off season to peak season

As a film and television shooting base with the whole industry chain, the leasing of film and television equipment and props has also become an important reflection of the industry prosperity. What is their current business situation?

At nine oclock in the morning, the reporter saw in a props company in Hengdian that the master of carrying was busy. Props company director Mr. Liu told reporters that this is the second time that the masters have come to carry props this morning.

Reporters into a warehouse stacked props to see that most of the area has been moved empty, leaving only some old props. Mr. Liu told reporters that in recent years, the requirements for the quality of props have been significantly improved, and the number of customized props has been increasing.

Later, the reporter came to a film and television equipment rental company in Hengdian. The person in charge told the reporter that the main reason for the current hot market situation was that the shooting time of the crew was wrong due to the epidemic situation. At present, 90% of the equipment has been rented out for shooting, and many rental orders have been scheduled for next year.

The person in charge of the film and television equipment leasing company told reporters that in March this year, dozens of equipment leasing companies in Hengdian launched a joint venture to jointly launch preferential activities for the recovery of the film and television industry. The rental price of equipment collectively decreased by 10% - 15%. In addition to Hengdian, drama groups all over the country are also recovering.

At present, the resident crew of Hengdian film and television base has reached about 20000 people. Walking in the location where the troupes are more concentrated, reporters can see that there are even two or three crew shooting at the same time on a 100 meter road. The head of a catering company in charge of the production groups box lunch told the reporter that at present, the production team has a large amount of meals, and the staff have to go to the company to prepare meals at six oclock every morning.

Source: CCTV Financial Editor: Yang Qian_ NF4425