Oppo mall app renamed OGA mall, three brothers cooperation began

 Oppo mall app renamed OGA mall, three brothers cooperation began

At present, the products in the app only provide oppo mobile phones and IOT products, and there are no other two brands of products. However, it is only a matter of time before the other two brands enter. Digital bloggers on Weibo disclosed that realmev5, a new mobile phone announced by the government on July 23, may be the first non oppo brand mobile phone to enter the mall.

In fact, oppo, realme and oneplus have always been one of the three mobile phone brands.

In terms of equity, Guangdong Oujia Holding Co., Ltd. wholly holds Guangdong Oujia Communication Technology Co., Ltd., which is also a shareholder of realme (Shenzhen ruiermi Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.), oneplus subject (Shenzhen wanplas Co., Ltd.) and oppo subject (oppo Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.).

Before that, they were separated from each other in terms of channel, brand promotion and after-sales.

However, since the beginning of this year, oppos sales volume has shown a downward trend, and the Oujia group has also begun to concentrate the power of the three brands.

Some clues are that not long ago, Shen Yiren left office and Liu zuohu, CEO of Yijia group, returned to OGA holdings as chief product experience officer. Previously, as a self-developed technology of eucar group, realme also made follow-up release the next day after oppo released 125w fast charging products.

In addition, realmecmo Xu Qis Micro blog certification also added global marketing president this year. This title is very rare among other mobile phone manufacturers, and is consistent with the titles of Shen Yiren and Liu lie of oppo.

It can be predicted that there will be more and more cases of interaction and cooperation among the three companies.

Source: 36 krypton editor: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541