CEO of Tencent pictures: streaming media cant replace the ritual feeling of entering the cinema

 CEO of Tencent pictures: streaming media cant replace the ritual feeling of entering the cinema

Under the epidemic situation, cinemas were closed for 180 days, and streaming media has brought challenges to cinema films.

Facing this challenge, Cheng Wu thinks: in fact, I dont think this is the first time that the whole film industry has faced such an impact since its birth in 1895. In fact, the first impact was in the 1950s and 1960s. The emergence of television actually brought a huge impact on cinema movies. Every time this kind of impact challenge breeds new opportunities, so I think in the past four or five years, our global film industry has responded to this challenge very well. On the contrary, through the further upgrading of film creation, the differentiation of film presentation technology, and the regional upgrading of film and television, it has brought a huge revolution to the film industry, and then to the whole world The audience brought better work.

For the development of the film industry, Cheng Wu predicted from two directions.

The combination of new technology and content brings new experience, which is a normal in the future. Under this normal impact, there may be two trends in the film industry. One is that if the practitioners and companies in the film industry do not want to make progress, or stay in the low-level homogenization of content, such repetition and competition, I think that even if it is not eliminated by streaming media, it will be eliminated by the combination of other new content and technological means. Cheng Wu discussed from another perspective, you will see that when streaming media is so convenient, there are so many audiences who want the cinema to reopen and enter the cinema. Why? Because although movies are not the necessities of human survival, good movies are the necessities for people to pursue a better life.

Cheng Wu believes that streaming media can not replace the ritual feeling of going into the cinema to see a movie.

Now our entertainment threshold is very low. We can watch all kinds of content anytime and anywhere through the mobile terminal, whether it is short video of three seconds and three minutes, or large online movies, you can watch it online. But when a group of people can walk into a relatively closed dark space, through a beam of light, there is a unique experience of collective watching ceremony. With expectation, we can find the entertainment, warmth and moving that we want. I think this is the most unique value that movies bring to human society. We need this sense of ceremony, we need this unique experience of watching movies, This is the core value of the film, and it is also the most important reason why thousands of filmmakers still adhere to the industry in such a big challenge.

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