Who: 284083 new confirmed cases and 6270 deaths worldwide

 Who: 284083 new confirmed cases and 6270 deaths worldwide

The novel coronavirus pneumonia infection rate reached 4154361 at the 17:33 hours in Beijing on July 25th at 26 p.m. Eastern time, and 146143 cases were fatal, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. At 17:33 a.m. During the period from 17:33 on July 24 to 17:33 on July 25, there were 63299 new cases and 1080 new deaths in the United States.

[Minister of industry and competition of South Africa tested positive for new coronavirus

12204 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in South Africa, 434200 cases were confirmed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in novel coronavirus pneumonia in South Africa on July 24th, and 434200 cases were confirmed by New Zealand crown pneumonia in July 24th. At present, 2730812 people were detected in South Africa, and 46324 people were detected on the same day.

[12 people in Delaware received false new coronavirus test results

[novel coronavirus pneumonia affects Rios cancellation of the New Year celebration in Brazil

Brazil Rio De Janeiro municipal government municipal government announced novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced in 25. In view of the continuous spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Brazil and the effective vaccine has not yet been available, the municipal government decided to cancel the 2021 New Year celebration. In the past, Rio held celebrations at the famous Copacabana beach at the time of new years zero, and the cross-year event on the last day of 2019 attracted 2.9 million people.

[Japans new novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 803 cases, 29831 cases].

Novel coronavirus pneumonia infused 803 people in Japan, and the number of new Japanese crown pneumonia infected people reached 29831, with 996 deaths, according to the Japan Broadcasting Association, according to data from local self-governing bodies and Labor Ministry of labor in Japan. 0 hours to 11 pm local time 25 days, Japan has added 803 people a day.

[Italy] 275 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases were confirmed in 245864 cases.

New cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Africa exceed 810 thousand cases, and refugees face more severe challenges.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 54 countries in Beijing at 22 hours in July 25th, and 54 countries reported 810008 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed cases, 17088 cases died and 462374 cases recovered. South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana and Algeria account for more than half of the total cases.

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