Expert: Curie = the greatest player in the system

 Expert: Curie = the greatest player in the system

Curie has abnormal control of the ball and everything else. Its really a bit different. Its really hard to explain Curie as a player, but in a way, hes the greatest system player in history. I dont mean to belittle him by saying that, says Jones.

As we all know, in NBA, to describe a player as a system player is actually a kind of contemptuous evaluation. Most of such evaluations mean that a players success is only due to his system, not his personal technical ability.

Soon, Curie himself also knew about this matter, he made a response on the Internet, it seems that it is quite clever.

From this response, we can see that curry didnt pay much attention to this matter. His response was in line with his usual humorous and relaxed style.