2-41 let him show his true shape! After Xinjiang dismissing the elder brother Fu, CBA is the worst foreign aid, and Guangdong is enjoying it secretly

 2-41 let him show his true shape! After Xinjiang dismissing the elder brother Fu, CBA is the worst foreign aid, and Guangdong is enjoying it secretly

With the team for trial training, Liaoning took Mayo and Xinjiang asked for grufo

During the outbreak, finding foreign aid is a real problem. Liaoning team found the former NBA Tanhua Lang Mayo who played for NBL, and Xinjiang team finally only found grufo on the field. It is worth mentioning that in the last year, Grover tried the Hunan team of NBL together with mayo, and finally Mayo stayed.

On the evening of July 9, CBA company announced that it agreed to the application for replacing foreign aid for Xinjiang mens basketball team. Grufo successfully registered and wore No. 5 Jersey to play CBA on behalf of Xinjiang. Xinjiang team cant wait to need grufo, and has high hopes for him. So does the media. Many media think that grufo and Zhou Qi can help Xinjiang team to win the championship.

Turning point war 3: ferge 41 points, Grover 2 points back to the original shape

Its a mule or a horse. Youll know when you take it out for a walk.

From time to time, Zhao Gelu and his rivals have been watching

Zhao Rui and WEIMS watch the war

ADI Jiang said frankly after the game, the introduction of foreign aid in the special period and peacetime than. He hopes that Grover can go up to the top 20 minutes per game and liberate xireli river.

Gullivers first show was flat, but Sege did usher in an outbreak in the offensive end, 4-out-of-8 3-pointer, 17 points, 7 boards and 4 assists. Without Gulliver, Sege failed to score double in 4 consecutive games, 2 out of 22 from 3 points.

The second game, hit Shenzhen, a jianggancui will grufoti on the first round. Grover took 19 points, 6 boards, 5 assists and 3 steals in 20 minutes, which was obviously better than the first show, but this war became the peak of Grovers CBA.

In the third game, Glovers Waterloo: he met the North controls ferge, forming a strong contrast, ferge smashed 41 points, Grover 2 points.

In this game, grufos appearance became the defensive black hole of Xinjiang team. In the first quarter, the North control team opened a sail and saw that the forbidden area was Grover. He boldly attacked, and grufo was hit by a sail. See, ADI River quickly replace grufo. In the second quarter, as soon as grufo appeared, Xinjiang was beaten 9-23

Grover missed a free throw

After the fourth game against Shandong, the fifth against Fujian, are the top 12 opponents, grufo on the field was beaten, ADI Jiang did not give him more playing time. Losing to Fujian that game, Grover appeared 5 minutes 2 shot 0.

On July 24, Xinjiang fought against Guangzhou, which was the last chance given to grufo by the ADI river. He started, played 20 minutes and only got 5 + 4.

As a result, ADI River completely abandoned grufo and let xire Lijiang play No. 1 position.


15 days, 6 games, average 7.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.2 steals, 1.7 errors and 1.3 fouls, the data is bleak.

On July 25, Grover left the team.

Extended reading of artijiang: foreign aid grufo has left Xinjiang all China team to play in the playoffs Zhou Qi 20 + 10 Xinjiang easily beat Tianjin team history 26 wins 26 match season reimbursement! Li Xiaoxus right anterior cruciate ligament injury needs surgery. This article is from Netease sports special article author: Xiangcui noodles editor: Zheng bin_ NS1255