wonderful flower! London men take to the streets naked, covering sensitive parts with masks

 wonderful flower! London men take to the streets naked, covering sensitive parts with masks

According to the mirror, the scene took place on Oxford Street in London. The man appeared here on July 24, local time. It should be noted that he was wearing nothing but a blue Mask to cover sensitive parts. According to the report, passers-by were surprised by the sight, and some even took out their mobile phones to take photos.

It is worth noting that the day the man went to the street naked was the day when a regulation issued by the British government came into effect. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced through a spokesman on July 13 local time that the government will implement the measure that customers in shops must wear masks in England. This regulation will be implemented from July 24, and those who violate the regulations will be fined 100 pounds (the fine will be reduced to 50 pounds if they pay within 14 days).

According to the mirror, the mans move may have been a protest against the new rules. However, the report also said it was not clear what the mans motive was.

It quickly caught on social media. Some netizens feel that the man is a little insane.

Some netizens attributed the mans actions to the high temperature. My God, I have to blame the heat for this. The weather has been so sunny in the past few days that it has begun to affect some people.

However, many netizens also think of the British mask regulations. One netizen said, well, to be fair, although wearing a mask is mandatory, Im not sure if they stipulate which part of the body (you) should wear the mask to.

According to the latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University, as of 16:34, July 25, Beijing time, the total number of confirmed cases of the new crown in the United Kingdom has reached 299500, and the number of deaths has increased to 45762.

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