Zhang Yuqi: its not good to pick mens eyes, but womens eyes are quite accurate

 Zhang Yuqi: its not good to pick mens eyes, but womens eyes are quite accurate

Yes, Zhang Yuqi also said, the way I look at a man is really not good.. It is nothing but her emotional experience, which seems to have become a terrible black history. However, is it all her fault? Emotion is originally a slap in the face, even if break up is definitely not a unilateral problem. Zhang Yuqi will dare to love and hate to play incisively and vividly, even let some people look at each other. How could that be? First, she slapped her ex ex on the face, and then she married her ex ex ex and chose to divorce. After that, she chose to be a single mother.

On the Internet, there are always people who love Zhang Yuqi. Its like how hard she is. Yes. She thanks everyone for being so concerned about herself. In fact, she is doing well. Now Zhang Yuqi has two beautiful children and her career is very smooth. If a mans eyes are not good, its not good. After the experience, it should grow up slowly. Perhaps the real fate has not arrived, then let oneself become better oneself, live the life that oneself likes. Zhang Yuqi thought so and did so. In the program sister who rides the wind and waves, she is the master of making waves.


A woman who is not good at singing and dancing, even with the dream of womens group killed over. Thats the real circle powder, people no longer have prejudice against beauty. It is no longer big chest without brain. You can see Zhang Yuqi to know what is EQ, IQ and beauty are online. She has a clear sense that popularity is popularity and business is business. Dont mix them up, or you will feel guilty when you stand on the stage. And she also said that no matter what you do, try to be the best. After all, this is a stage worthy of cherishing and striving for.

You can see the lovely qiqizi again in the elder sister who rides the wind and waves. She made a bold decision, which almost made everyone sweat. Why, what did Zhang Yuqi make complaints about, I have such a good eye - please, please, have you forgotten what you said in Tucao assembly? However, this time the vision is about women. No wonder, this explains clearly. Huang Xiaoming said, the whole group, do you know who is most grateful to you? At this time, Zhang Yuqi confidently replied: it must be Zhang Hanyun.

Why? Because when I asked her to compete, there were actually two candidates: YingYing and her. Because Yingyings ability is also very strong, but I think that rhyme needs the stage more Yes, people with strong abilities can stay at the end. But those who need the stage are still eager to get a chance to show off. And Zhang Hanyun did not live up to expectations, so Zhang Yuqi would say my vision is so good.. We should be happy and gratified. lose at sunrise and gain at sunset. (article / Piaoyu Tong) I hope that Zhang Yuqis eyes on men will be good!