Zheng Shuang again speaks for the missing woman in Hangzhou: there is no fairy tale in the world, so dont give up your heart easily

 Zheng Shuang again speaks for the missing woman in Hangzhou: there is no fairy tale in the world, so dont give up your heart easily


Previously, secret corner said that Zhang Dongsheng pushed his father-in-law down the mountain, and then killed his wife. There are other lives. Why do you deprive the other party of the right to live in this world? It is not without reason that people fear marriage. Because married, you need to face life danger anytime and anywhere. The horror of human nature lies in desire and discontent. For money, for love, for fame, for profit. In short, the growing vanity and desire cannot be contained. At the end of the day, you can only do extreme things. To hurt others is to ruin ones future.


There is nothing wrong with Zheng Shuang speaking for the missing woman in Hangzhou. Probably, she was in a difficult mood - so when typing, some words didnt express the meaning. Even, there are some wrong words, wrong punctuation. Is that harmless? At least I think so, why hold on to her. She also said that Zheng Shuang was getting hot. No matter whether she was a public figure or not, she always had the freedom to express her own opinions. Whats more, what she said was right. Why can only ordinary netizens speak for the missing woman in Hangzhou, Zheng Shuang cant? To be tolerant, there is no need to create difficulties.


Its terrible. Its terrible. Ive been scared from yesterday to now. Im afraid. Its his wife. How can I get a knife? We also think so. Isnt this news a great shock to you? Is there a lower limit for a person, and how to deal with the little girl left behind? May the law give a pacifying sentence. Please be kind. Yes, it has to be left to the law. But also to remind everyone: really, please be kind. Nothing cant be solved. We should communicate well. Dont be desperate for money.

Zheng Shuang also sighed: thank you for having such a beautiful you. We need to hold each other and cry. Its terrible. Zheng Shuang has always been a soft and weak woman. At this moment, she wants to protect her relatives, friends and fans. She wanted to hold her together and cry, just to seek strength from it. Similarly, when people are vulnerable, they will think of crying, and they will think that someone can hold them. Not affectation, but also shows Zheng Shuangs good heart. Shes just hot. She doesnt have to rub. The netizens who said this need not.


On July 25, Zheng Shuang once again spoke for the missing woman in Hangzhou: I think of a lot of things, which make me shiver involuntarily. Sometimes, it is only one step away from the darkness. Lighting up the night will frighten many people. Those who have been hurt please do not give up, we call on you not to give up easily. There is no fairy tale in the world. It is an ideal state and cannot be applied to reality. There is no fairy tale in the world. We should learn to protect ourselves. If you give up your heart at all costs, you may not get your true heart. Even, its possible