Netizens satirize Hangzhou police for being slow in solving cases and extorting confessions by torture

 Netizens satirize Hangzhou police for being slow in solving cases and extorting confessions by torture

This (25th) morning, Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau disclosed that Ms. Lai was killed by her husband Xu, who was dismembered and thrown into a septic tank. At present, Xu has been detained for criminal purposes. So far, the strange disappearance incident, which almost caused the nationwide cloud investigation, has finally got an answer. Many netizens lamented the unfortunate experience of Ms Lai and denounced the murderers ruthlessness.

However, some people took advantage of this incident to ridicule the slow speed of Hangzhou police in solving the case. They accused the police of extorting confessions by torture at 1:00 a.m. and even said that the police would not have solved the case if the netizens had not guessed that the murderer was her husband.

As for such remarks, @ Jiangnings mother-in-law, @ forensic Qin Ming and other professionals from all walks of life successively went out to popularize science. They said that the police not only rely on speculation to detect cases, but also have to do a lot of work to master the complete and accurate evidence chain, and the details of relevant cases are not disclosed, and there are also considerations to prevent imitation.

In the Hangzhou Jianggan investigation record published by China police network, we can see that the workload of Hangzhou police this time is heavy to the naked eye in order to detect this missing case

More than 100 professional video investigators, 24 hours linked to check 6000 hours of monitoring;

Six unit buildings, 379 families and 1075 households visited and inquired one by one, and all recorded the activities in the key period in detail;

More than 10000 square meters of underground garage, as well as all elevator wells, water tanks and other hidden parts, successively 4 times carpet type investigation, one by one to eliminate the possibility of hiding;

In the hot weather of nearly 40 degrees in Hangzhou, the police dressed in fully enclosed isolation clothing worked hard for 25 hours to screen 38 vehicles of filth.

According to the content of the notice issued by Hangzhou Public Security Bureau today, before the trial, the special investigation team, taking into account the situation of Xus cooperation in reporting the case and accepting media interviews, held several case analysis meetings specially by criminal investigation experts, and formulated detailed interrogation strategies and plans in advance. Finally, the night trial successfully broke through Xus confession.

But there are still people who are not satisfiedu2014u2014

In this regard, many police big V in salute to peers, but also respond to the criticism of these netizens.

@Jiangnings mother-in-law gave netizens science popularization and summoning suspects at 1:00 a.m. was not torture. As a result, she was barred to self mockery to play a tranquilizer.

@However, Qin Ming, a forensic medical officer, has launched a series of blog posts in the afternoon, pointing out that police investigation is not a film and TV play, and it can not only rely on reasoning and intuition, but also need a lot of evidence collection, which can not be completed overnight.

He also said that Hangzhous Public Security Bureau had done a lot of work at a time when rumors were flying wildly on the Internet. But even if they already know it in mind, they should also have strong evidence to turn the case into an iron case, otherwise, even if the suspect confessed, it would be useless.

For some netizens who claimed that the pressure of public opinion forced the police to investigate the case, @ forensic Qin Ming made it clear that the detection of the case had nothing to do with the Internet, but it was impossible to disclose the secrets of the case immediately at the initial stage of the investigation, and the police had no problem.

@Yandu small police directly sent to the keyboard verdict of the throne..

Many netizens are curious about the details of the case, such as dismemberment. Sister cookie calls on everyone not to dig into the details or ask the police to make it public, because this may be due to the polices consideration of keeping secret or preventing imitation crimes.

This is no stranger to netizens who have seen the online play forensic Qin Ming. Similar dialogues have appeared in the play.

Many netizens said that they were distressed by Hangzhou police for 3 seconds. Let the professionals deal with the professional matters. Its impossible for the keyboard to settle a case

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