Old man dies, son discovers nanny changes stepmother brother: younger brother and her relationship is delicate

 Old man dies, son discovers nanny changes stepmother brother: younger brother and her relationship is delicate

Weng renqiang told us,

Father Weng Jian and Wang wenqun registered for marriage,

Weng Renhua, my younger brother, always knew that,

They suspect,

Weng Renhua and the nanny have a delicate relationship.

Weng Qing

Outside, the whole village was saying that my uncle had something to do with the nanny and hung up in the name of my grandfather.

For Weng renqiangs suspicions,

What is Weng Renhuas attitude?

He strongly denied it.

Younger son: I cant believe one side of Weng renqiang

Weng Renhua, 68, has lived in Taijiang District of Fuzhou for a long time. It will take some time to return to Guishan village in Jinan District. At this time, Weng Renhuas daughter suddenly called Wang wenqun.

Weng renqiangs people are not worth your anger. My father just went out and asked my father to bring all the materials to court.

Unlike Weng renqiang, the eldest son,

Weng Renhuas daughter is gentle to Wang wenqun.

The youngest son: supporting his fathers remarriage

Weng Renhua rushed to the scene of mediation, he said that his father Weng Jian had mentioned to him the matter of marrying a nanny.

Before she and Weng Jian got their marriage certificates,

Weng Jian once told her,

The property of the family has been distributed.


Because Weng renqiangs family doubted many times,

She explained that after Weng Jian died, according to the subsidy policy, his family members could apply for pension according to his length of service. According to calculation, Weng Jians pension was about 180000 yuan.

Pension for the elderly,

It is jointly owned by family members.

Regarding the distributed property, Weng renqiang said that he did not know that his father had left a will and suspected that the will that his brother had shown him was false.

Proof that the ownership of the property has been allocated

Weng Renhua took out a copy of the will which was suspected to be self written. He said that the will was made by his parents in 1995, so it should be considered as a matter of family property. The two brothers in the old house each accounted for half.

The new house is the house Weng Jian lived in these years. According to the will, although the ownership certificate belongs to Weng Jian, when the house was built in 1990, the expenses were funded by his second son, Ren Hua. The reason is that Ren Hua is not a local resident, so Weng Jian has to apply for a certificate to build a house on his behalf.

It is specially stated that after a hundred years, the couple will,

No one can argue.

Weng Renhua

The will was so clear, but he just didnt want to sign it, so I had to sue.

Brother: I havent seen this will

Weng Renhua

After my mother died, I handed it to him.

Both sides will resolve the legacy issue through judicial process

Peoples mediator Liu Qianwen analyzed the Weng familys property. In 1995, Weng Jian and Weng Jians ex-wife had already made a will to distribute the property. Therefore, there is no big conflict of interest with Wang wenqun. Therefore, I hope the Weng brothers can respect their fathers choice.

At the same time, Weng renqiang did not understand his brother Weng Renhuas hard work. On the contrary, he was suspicious, which also led to the estrangement of the two brothers.

Weng renqiang is resolute and unwilling to mediate brotherhood, so we can only temporarily suspend mediation. As for Wang wenquns fate, Weng Renhua made a statement.

My daughter-in-law and I have said that the house is rent-free for Wang wenqun.

We hope that the two brothers can think in different places,

Think about it,

Cherish this brotherhood.

After all, life is a lifetime,

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After the death of his 94 year old father, the eldest son discovered that the nanny had become a stepmother, triggering a series of family disputes (source: video synthesis)