The husband is the real murderer when the missing woman in Hangzhou is killed: the worst choice in life is to pick the wrong partner

 The husband is the real murderer when the missing woman in Hangzhou is killed: the worst choice in life is to pick the wrong partner

How deep can it be

Hangzhou police report: a major breakthrough has been made in the investigation of the case, and the missing woman has been killed.

Her husband Xu (55 years old, born in Hangzhou) is suspected of committing a major crime and has been taken criminal compulsory measures by Jianggan Branch Bureau according to law.

The news is really shocking.

After 19 days of investigation, it was found that the murderer turned out to be the informant, her husband Xu. The police informed the representative that he had mastered the criminal evidence.

Although these days, some of Xus strange behavior has already aroused netizens suspicion.

But when it comes to real work, its still chilling.

Xu also repeatedly tried to induce the police to handle the case, providing his wife with information on purchasing sleeping pills.

These little bits and pieces, now want to come, really let people think about fear.

Originally, everything has been premeditated, the original devil is around.

If there is no reversal, the murderers mind is really deep.

The most heartbreaking thing is lady Lai.

She loves her husband so simply, but she doesnt know that the other side has already prepared the butchers knife behind her back.

Marrying the wrong person is really devastating for women.

This tragedy warns all people to keep their eyes open. These three kinds of men must not be taken.


Never ask for it

Ms. Lai and Xu are both married two times. Ms. Lai is well-off and has two suites in Hangzhou.

Later, Xu asked Ms. Lai to take out a suite for her son to marry, but she didnt agree.

In order to escape the law, Xu made careful arrangements, from killing and throwing the body, to calling the police afterwards, and in the face of police and media inquiries, all showed signs of careful planning.

There is a kind of man in this world, careful and good at camouflage.

The case of killing a wife in Phuket, which shocked the whole country before, is also an example.

He also has the delusion of returning home to cheat his parents in law. The accident has already happened, and it is better to receive the premium.

Poor two peoples two-year-old daughter, from the beginning to the end of the scene.

Fortunately, the paper can not cover the fire after all, the crime is revealed, or to be tried.

In this world, many people are really simple. Its easy for them to see only the superficial skills of their partners and ignore the snake and scorpion heart behind them.

Like a good farmer, he warms the frozen snake with himself.

To forgive and trust such a person is to give his happiness and life to the devil.

Never ask for it

Yang Liping, gentle, clever, white and beautiful, is a teacher in key middle schools.

In an accidental encounter, he fell in love with Zhu Xiaodong, who was eloquent and had no legitimate career.

Zhu Xiaodong knew that Yang Liping had a solid family background, so he pursued all kinds of things and finally cheated the girl.

The man didnt pay for the wine. The bride only wore a white lace jacket and jeans and married herself.

After marriage, the true face of the husband is exposed quickly.

Yang Liping, a kind-hearted woman, paid him hundreds of thousands of debts and introduced her work to her husband.

But Zhu Xiaodong spent three days fishing and two days drying the net. He also had affairs with different women, secretly married and fell in love with other women.

A marriage, wine in May, two people quarrel and divorce in August.

Finally, Zhu Xiaodong kills Yang Liping and hides her in the freezer.

In the next 105 days, Zhu Xiaodong used Yang Lipings wechat to pretend his normal life.

She transferred Yangs money into her own account, flashed her credit card, went to a bar, dated another woman, and took another woman to travel.

Confucius once said: clever words make good color, fresh Yi Ren.

There is a kind of man, who is very good at coaxing little girls who are not in the world.

They regard girls as prey, once locked, they pretend to be unswerving and try their best to move each other.

After success, he quickly swindled money and lust and drained the other party.

At the end of the day, a man with a good purse and a smart mouth is not worth trusting, no matter how extravagant his mouth is.


Self centered man

Never ask for it

Life, there is a man, good face, strong jealousy, emotional tyranny.

Good time, wish to take out the heart to you, but once you do not comply with his meaning, at any time, even fight.

Outstanding performance is that everything is self-centered.

In normal times, it doesnt look different. It can cause madness, often accompanied by violence and immeasurable consequences.

Some time ago, a 26 year old rich second generation in Shanghai burned his villa and his pregnant wife to death after he owed a huge gambling debt.

Her husband Yan is fond of gambling and once lost tens of millions of assets in the family.

Xiao Li cant bear, to Yan Mou showdown, two people quarrel.

Yan took out a knife and stabbed his pregnant wife!

He took out gasoline and poured it on his wife, then set fire to the villa, trying to disguise it as a fire.

The pregnant wife was burned alive.

In the eyes of an extremely selfish man, the world should run according to his will, and his wife and family should pay for him.

He never considered his words and deeds, whether to cause harm to his relatives, but only thought of the other partys unilateral payment.

Once you are overwhelmed and dont want to sacrifice, he will take extreme revenge.

In the end, the selfish mans heart, in fact, there is no love, only his own.

Such a man, can never use the heart Wu hot, turn to leave, is the only right choice.


Keep away from bad companions

Because you are precious

It is often said that what kind of man a woman marries is what kind of life style she has chosen.

For men, why not?

What kind of woman a man marries is equal to what kind of future he has chosen.

When I was young, I dated the prettiest girl in our state, but it didnt work out. I heard she got divorced three times later, and if we were together, I couldnt imagine what would happen in the future. So the most important decision in your life is who to marry. If you are wrong in choosing a partner, you will lose a lot. And the loss is not just about money.

If one day, you find that you really find the wrong person, it is better to be ruthless, stop loss in time, and say goodbye to the unworthy.

In life, there are always people who know that their partner is very bad, but they dare not leave because they are afraid to start again.

It is a wise choice to leave a negative relationship and start a new life.

As the writer Yan Xiaoyi said:

What about marriage? Its better than getting married. What about being married? Its better than having a baby. What about having a baby? Its better than the rest of your life, all the good years. Because you are very precious, dont let scum waste, dont give scum a second chance to hurt you.

Those who dare not be single, divorce or say no to domestic violence are mentally disabled even though they are financially independent.

Marriage is not a trivial matter. We should share the rest of life day by day.

An open-minded, gentle personality, know how to cherish people, even if not too handsome, do not have a lot of money, ability and talent, but also can give you quiet years.

However, a person who is short-sighted and selfish, even if he gives you the whole world, is also a world full of ups and downs.