Hangzhou woman missing and killed

 Hangzhou woman missing and killed

The non motorized vehicle lane on the west side of the north gate is still closed, and the security guards have strengthened the investigation of strangers. The east gate of Shuixiang road has been completely closed, and the iron gate leading to Sanbao park is still locked.

The septic tank that the police investigated before is still surrounded by woven cloth.

The reporter noticed that the residents of Sanbao North Garden released relevant videos. According to the video, the door of the ladys house has been sealed by the police. There are also videos of Xus circle of friends. According to the content, in May 2017, Xu showed a close group photo of a family of three.

Some people in the community went to the septic tank to offer flowers in memory of Lady Lai.

In the eyes of the residents, this strange disappearance and then turned into human tragedy, has completely changed the previous tranquility of the community.

The eldest daughter questioned her father, but later offered a reward of 100000 yuan. Neighbors said her eldest daughter felt that her suspicions might be wrong.

On the evening of July 23, the police reported that her husband Xu was under control.

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On the morning of the 22nd, some residents met Xu. He also said hello to each other with a smile on his face. In the early morning of the 23rd, residents saw dozens of manure trucks entering the community. Finally, the enclosed septic tank well cover is only 50 meters away from Huilis house. The clothes suspected to come to Huili were picked up at the scene and taken away by the police.

Many netizens guessed that after Xus dismemberment, he flushed the corpse into the cesspool with the toilet. But Lai Huilis neighbors and little daughter said that they did not hear any sound that night. Police also think it is unrealistic, one is that the bones are difficult to crush, and the other is that a large number of corpses will block the sewer, but it is better to find.

Criminal investigation expert: the division of corpse cases requires premeditation, and perfect crime hardly exists

The dismemberment case is generally premeditated, in other words, it takes a certain amount of time to prepare.

There are many details about Ms Lais case, not that we dont know about it, but that it is not time for us to publish it. Of course, some things may never be reported to the press, because it is too harmful to the families concerned.