Criminal investigation expert: the division of corpse cases requires premeditation, and perfect crime hardly exists

 Criminal investigation expert: the division of corpse cases requires premeditation, and perfect crime hardly exists

If you recognize him, the fat black man, who has been wearing an orange short sleeve shirt almost every day of the year, is a senior criminal case reporter in Zhejiang Province who has been working for more than 30 years.

The old man who always smiles in front of him has a round head and round eyes, curly hair and curly eyelashes. He was once a famous detective in Hangzhou.

More to say, the central media has shot a special TV film for the old man. This documentary is a business textbook for many journalists running the public security line.

They are all masters in their respective fields. They are old friends for many years and have a master apprentice relationship.

Many of the dust laden old cases that reporters have written before come from their stories, and many of the feelings of reporters in telling stories also come from their thinking.

One question may lead to a story. The story is not in the notebook, its in their heads.

After watching the live broadcast of the police conference today, they must have something to say.

u30101u3011 The timely disclosure of information is another problem, but it is necessary to respect the police in solving cases

Jianggan public security has done very well, Hangzhou criminal police has done very well. The old policemans eyes were clear, revealing deep praise.

Compared with the warm praise of the public, the affirmation from professionals may make the front-line criminal police receive a heavy recognition.

Did the public security organs in Jianggan District and Hangzhou City pay attention to the missing lady Lai only after the family members of the dead rushed around and appealed for it? Has the police lost the opportunity to investigate the case? The reporter asked the old detective to analyze in detail how the police usually do in similar cases.

The determination and working methods of the police will not be affected by the pressure of public opinion. Thats what the old cop said.

Nodding to the senior reporters, timely disclosure of information is another problem, but it is necessary to respect the police in solving cases.

In fact, senior reporters are well aware that Hangzhou police have been fully mobilized within the first 24 hours after the family members reported the case on July 6.

The scope of investigation has been narrowed down, all the doubtful points have been eliminated one by one, and finally the evidence is used to speak.

u30102u3011 There is no perfect crime, even if the killer is thoughtful

The dismemberment case is generally premeditated, in other words, it takes a certain amount of time to prepare.

There are many details about Ms Lais case, not that we dont know about it, but that it is not time for us to publish it. Of course, some things may never be reported to the press, because it is too harmful to the families concerned.

Here, the reporter asked the old police and the old reporter to talk about another case of dismemberment many years ago.

In the 1990s, an ownerless canvas bag appeared at a bus station in Linan, Hangzhou. If you open it, its a bunch of bones.

A mans whole body bones, but no head.

The basic plot of killing, dismembering and throwing a corpse is available, but no one knows who the body is, and no one knows where the first scene of the killing is.

At this time, solving a case depends more on the head and pace of the police, on careful investigation, material evidence and logical reasoning.

It took a month for Hangzhou police to find a breakthrough point: the industrial and commercial system of the neighboring province has issued a batch of cups to the staff of all levels.

If there is no perfect crime, even if the murderer has a well thought out criminal plan, it is inevitable that a cup lid will fall because of tension.

u30103u3011 I divided the people, but I didnt kill them.

A female cadre of the Municipal Industrial and commercial bureau of a city in a neighboring province was arrested. The dead was her husband, a cadre of the District Industrial and commercial bureau.

A marriage in which women are strong and men are weak, but only the difference in social status is not enough to be the motive of killing.

He reminded reporters not to cling to the details of the body. It is certain that the murderer is cruel; however, dismemberment is rare. Even in the past 30 years of the old detective in the public security system, personally or to the provinces to guide the detection of various cruel homicide cases, the dismemberment case is still rare, not more than one a year, or not.

The dismemberment case generally needs premeditation, which not only needs the premeditation on the tool, but also needs the psychological premeditation. Perhaps, there is also the premeditation to evade the law.

I divided the people, but I didnt kill them. The female cadre saw that Hangzhou police came to the door, surprised and calm, she quickly called.

Police extracted human tissue from her pressure cooker, but the problem is: she confessed to dismemberment, refused to admit murder, and later retracted her confession.

I found my husband dead in the morning. Maybe I took too much sleeping pills last night. She said that the meat and the head were thrown into the river; the bones, packed in a traveling bag, were carried to Linan and thrown to the bus station.

Except for the cup lid, it revealed a moment when she was very nervous.

Through the above story, the old police and the old reporter have already told you several key points of the dismemberment case, which are also easily misunderstood. We will further explain it according to the readers questionsu2014u2014

1. The dismemberment case needs premeditation, which not only needs the premeditation on the tool, but also needs the psychological premeditation, and possibly, the premeditation of evading the law. The final crime may be just a trivial incident. For example, a quarrel, even a sentence, an action, a look, can become the trigger point of homicide. This may not be the main factor. Motivation is embedded in daily life.

2. Dismemberment sounds scary and looks bloody, but dismemberment is only a means, killing is the purpose. The murderer uses the method of dismembering to make a person missing in the world, thus prolonging the time when his or her death is discovered. In todays social conditions, throwing away the personal belongings of the dead is easy to find, so the murderer can not achieve the purpose of delaying time.

Even if the public has forgotten, the public security organs will continue to release news about the long-standing cases solved many years ago, not only to comfort the families of the victims, but also to inform the police officers who participated in the ad hoc group.

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Hangzhou police reported the details of the investigation of the womans disappearance case: Xu gave an initial account that she was dissatisfied with Lai Mou because of family life conflicts. She killed Lai and threw her body into the septic tank in the early morning of July 5, while sleeping soundly at home. At present, he has been detained by the police according to law and the case is under further investigation.

According to the Qianjiang Evening News, Ying Chaohui, executive deputy director of Jianggan District branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, said, to ensure that no key information is missed, we have collected 6000 hours of video surveillance video since July, and recruited more than 100 professional video frequency investigators of the citys Public Security Bureau. They are divided into time periods, points and objects, and are checked repeatedly and cross checked in groups for 24 hours Core, do not let go of every frame, do not let go of every suspicious place.