Why does he play basketball better than me with only one leg?

 Why does he play basketball better than me with only one leg?

After growing up, Luo Xiangjian is not willing to recall the past too much, because there are more things in his life that are worth his energy and time.

Slowly, Luo Xiangjian mastered the skill of single leg playing. As he persisted in the competition for more and more time, Luo Xiangjian also had the dream of becoming a professional athlete. He longed for one day to be able to stand on the big stage of the Olympic Games, wear the national flag and win glory for the country.

After going to school, Luo Xiangjian went from primary school to university on crutches. He is a cheerful man who gets along well with his teachers and classmates. He is able to achieve todays achievements. Luo Xiangjian is very grateful to those who have helped him along the way.

After graduating from University, Luo Xiangjian entered a local enterprise and engaged in management. Although he did not become a professional basketball player, Luo Xiangjian once participated in the 10th Paralympic Games of Yunnan Province and won two gold medals in high jump and long jump.

In a national basketball competition, Luo Xiangjian also won the championship of the three-point ball game. Not only did he stand on the podium with one leg, but in 2018, he went out of the country with one leg and became the torchbearer of the Asian Games in Jakarta.

No matter when he was a student or in his work, Luo Xiangjian has always been the pronoun of positive energy. And he also wants to infect more people through his own stories: I think this kind of sports spirit can be transmitted everywhere. I want to pass on the belief that I dont give up to the people around me.

In his spare time, Luo Xiangjian often shares videos of playing basketball on social media and receives encouragement and blessing from everyone. From small to large, Luo Xiangjians life is accompanied by basketball. Now, whenever he has time, he will meet with three or five friends and go to the stadium to sweat.

Basketball is like a bridge in my life. It builds a platform for communication and brings me a lot of strength, Luo said Through basketball, Luo Xiangjian made more friends and met NBA star Wade. He signed me and we hugged, and we were very happy at the time. Luo Xiangjian said excitedly. Wade also encouraged him to continue to adhere to the basketball dream, to inspire more people.

Before that, one armed youth zhangjiacheng entered peoples vision. Like Luo Xiangjian, he had incomplete body, but their love for basketball was consistent.

In July 2018, at a local summer childrens basketball training class, 12-year-old zhangjiacheng got into touch with basketball for the first time and fell in love with the sport ever since.

From power dribble, to left and right dribble, to back dribble, crotch dribble From the school playground to the village playground, then to the living room at home.

After becoming popular, zhangjiacheng has been encouraged and praised by a large number of netizens. Yi Jianlian, the captain of the National Mens basketball team, also forwarded relevant news on personal social media, and wrote: the heart will always be the strongest part of the body. Work hard or give up is the motto of zhangjiacheng.

As a result of hard training day and night, zhangjiachengs left finger is often covered with hemostatic stickers due to wear and tear. However, this does not hinder his enthusiasm for basketball. Generally, it only takes three months for him to practice a new ball so that the spherical pattern is indistinct.

The NBA stars deeds have also attracted the attention of Zhangjia city.

At an event, the two people who regarded basketball as their faith met, and they completed an air contact cooperation on the court. Zhangjiacheng threw the ball up with one arm. Luo Xiangjian jumped to the basket in time, jumped on one foot and sent the ball into the basket.

Tagore said, the world kisses me with pain, but I repay it with song. Whether it is zhangjiacheng or Luo Xiangjian, their optimism and firmness convey their reverence and love for life. Its not so much basketball that gives them strength, its better to say that their bravery gives the sport more meaning.

The past is dark, but the road to the future is bright. Facing the future, Luo Xiangjian still has not put down his basketball dream. He is eager to one day, through his own strength, let the children who love basketball get together and enjoy the happiness brought by basketball. (end)