Leicester City vs Manchester United look ahead: Red Devils thigh fatigue

 Leicester City vs Manchester United look ahead: Red Devils thigh fatigue

The two teams have played 27 times in the Premier League, with Manchester United winning 18-7 and 2-losing. Manchester United won 8-4-1 in the away game. The only time Manchester United lost to Leicester City away was in September 2014, and then they visited Leicester City for 4 times, 2-2 and unbeaten. Leicester City Manager Roger Rogers led the team to a bad result against Manchester United. He won 2-9 against Manchester United 11 times.

Competition for Champions League qualification

Leicester City will definitely be eligible for the Champions League if they win, and they will not be qualified if they lose. If they draw, if they lose, then Leicester City will also be eligible for the Champions League.

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has won four consecutive league games with a set of starting lineups, and each game has scored three goals. However, in recent years, the starting line-up has shown fatigue. In the last three league matches, there have been two draws in the league, and the home team has failed to win or lose points against Southampton and West Ham. Otherwise, United have determined the number of Champions League places. In addition, Manchester United lost to Chelsea in the FA Cup last week.

After the second round of the Premier League, the schedule is intensive, and Manchester United have the task of the FA Cup. In the past month or so, Manchester United have played twice a week every week. Solskjaer is still clinging to a set of starting points without rotation, which makes the players very tired and makes the recent performance decline. Among the United players, the most worrying is that Fernandez, who has become the core of attack since he was introduced in January this year. After the second round, he not only started the league, but also played 120 minutes in one game in two FA Cup matches, and the other played the whole game. His performance in the league this week was obviously poor due to physical problems.

Leicester City full back Ricardo - Pereira, chilville, fux and amartai are injured, the recent start of Leicester City full back can only use two young players Thomas and Justin. Two young players obviously can not let people rest assured, so Rogers changed the formation of 343 formation, hoping to stabilize the defense by increasing the number of central defenders. With the formation of 3-center-back, it is necessary for the center back to have strong filling and moving ability. At this critical moment, the core center back, who is red in the 35th round, will be suspended for three games. The three central defenders can only use Bennett, Morgan and Evans. Bennett and Morgan are both traditional British centre backs. They are good at frontal defense and heading, but they move slowly. In the last round against Spurs, these two men were completely overwhelmed by the speed type offensive players of spurs.

The speed of Manchester Uniteds attacking players, such as Rushford and machal, is faster than that of spurs. Leicester City needs to win to ensure its qualification for the Champions League. Leicester City will press out to attack, and there will be more space in the back court. If you continue to use the three central defenders from the first round of the last round, it will be absolutely hard to meet Manchester Uniteds attack line. Rogers couldnt stand the poor performance of the three central defenders after the last round of half-time. In the second half, he changed to 4-back, but the full back of the 4-back became a problem. At the same time, the inexperienced young full back couldnt protect the slow Morgan.


Leicester City injuries: amartai (fullback), Ricardo Pereira (defender), fux (defender), chilville (fullback), Madison (midfield), Albright (midfield) suspension: seinju (defender) Manchester United injuries: Phil Jones (fullback), Bayi (fullback), tuanzebe (defender) suspension: no doubt: Luke Shaw (guard) Leicester City (343): Schumacher / Bennett, Morgan, Evans / Justin, tillemans, endi, Thomas / ajoze Peres, Waldi, Barnes, Manchester United (4231): de GEA / wanpisca, lindloff, maquille, Williams / bogba, Mattie / Greenwood, Fernandez, Rushford / Marshall Yi sports Author: Hengshan editor: Xu Song_ NS1943

Leicester City injuries: amartai (full back), Ricardo Pereira (back), fux (full back), chilville (full back), Madison (midfield), Albright (midfield) suspension: seinju (defender)

Forecast the first time

Manchester United (4231): de GEA / wanpisca, lindloff, Maguire, Williams / bogba, Mattie / Greenwood, Fernandez, Rushford / Marshall