Party secretary led the delegation to send off the Handan ship: to consolate gold (goods) 1 million

 Party secretary led the delegation to send off the Handan ship: to consolate gold (goods) 1 million

When the Handan ship went to the Gulf of Aden and the thirtieth convoy of the navy in the sea area of Somalia, Gao Hongzhi, the Secretary of the Handan municipal Party committee of Hebei, visited a military port in Qingdao in Handan in August 5th, and had a cordial visit to the soldiers and soldiers of the Handan ship for their consolation of gold, condolences and the people of the city. Profound friendship and attended the farewell ceremony on the morning of 6. City leaders Qu Bin, Zhang Yuzhai, Du Shujie and patriotic support model representative Hao Qingtang, Wang Aiying, Zhang Hongshun and other activities.

The bright sun, the sea breeze blows, the Handan ship, which is anchored at the port, is powerful and heroic, and the officers and men in the white navy suit are all energetic and energetic. Gao Hongzhi, accompanied by the tenth team captain Wang Jianwu of the naval destroyer, visited the ship in the afternoon on the 5 day to understand the training and preparation, on behalf of the Handan municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the people of Handan, to express cordial condolences to all officers and soldiers of the Handan ship to maintain peace in the world. The officers and men who defend the interests of the country pay high tribute. He said, since the Handan ship since its entry, the whole ships officers and soldiers struggled hard, fought for the first class, made the sea area iron fist, the high standard completed various tasks, and established the collective three class achievements, and became the advanced benchmarks for the comprehensive construction of the Navys grass-roots ships. In particular, to undertake the glorious task of the thirtieth convoy of the Navy again, expedition for the national interests and escort the world peace, fully embody the trust of the leaders of the Navy at all levels to the Handan ship. This is the glory of the officers and men of the whole ship, and the pride of the people of Handan. About 10000000, Handan is proud of you.

Gao Hongzhi said, the Handan warship is the mobile land of Handan, and the city ship is the same name and blood. In recent years, Handan and the Handan ship have grown up and developed together. The citys economic strength has increased, the industrial structure has become better, the city is becoming more and more beautiful, the society is more stable, and the reform, development and stability of various undertakings have made great progress. The officers and soldiers of the whole ship must stay away from the motherland, leave their loved ones, and go to the coastal areas of 10000 miles away to carry out their tasks. Independent combat in a foreign country, with difficult conditions and bad environment, will also face all kinds of unexpected difficulties and dangers. No matter where you go, it is the eternal concern of the people of Handan. No matter what difficulties you encounter, we must put them forward in time. The about 10000000 people of Handan are your strong backing. We will spare no effort to provide services and provide logistical support. At the same time, we also hope that all of us will resolutely follow the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and the chairman, and firmly obey the partys absolute leadership of the army, strengthen the construction of the army in an all-round way, and truly create a civilized teacher, a powerful teacher and a strong naval force that can fight and win the war by the party and the people, and to keep in mind the heavy trust of the motherland and the people and strengthen it. The mission is to exercise strong will, maintain strong fighting spirit, complete various tasks, display the image of China, military image and Handan image to the whole world. In the hard conditions, take care of the body and optimism, take care of the living and protect the safety of the good people. Peoples Association of Home Town, full of affection, has been paying close attention to all of you, and is looking forward to making new contributions and spreading the news to add luster to Handan, the second hometown. I wish you all the best in sailing and winning the battle.

Handan ship Captain Zhao Shuqian, the Political Committee Dong Ruomeng on behalf of the entire ship officers and soldiers, must always keep in mind the strong army mission, never forget the friendly expectations and heavy trust of their relatives, and redouble the great situation of military and political unity, the same breath, common fate, heart and heart, conscientiously be a good city propagandist, image of the creator of the city, To make Handans national contribution to the world and make due contributions to the people of Handan.

It is understood that the Handan ship is the 054A type multi-purpose all closed missile frigate developed and produced by our country. The maximum amount of drainage is more than 4000 tons. It can attack the enemy surface ships and submarines separately or with the other forces of the Navy. It has strong remote warning and air defense capability. It is the new generation of our navys main combat ship. The Handan ship went to the Gulf of Aden and the Somali sea for the first time in 2016, and carried out twenty-fourth batches of escort missions, from the Pacific to the India ocean, from the Gulf of Aden to the Persian Gulf, 211 days and more miles from the Gulf of Aden to the Persian Gulf, with a successful completion of the 18 batches of 22 Chinese and foreign ship escort missions, and two to Pakistan to participate in bilateral and multilateral connections to Pakistan. He joined the military exercise and stopped to visit 7 ports in the Middle East of North Africa, 7. The thirtieth batches of escort formations were made up of Wuhu ship Handan ship Dongping Lake ship, carrying 2 shipborne helicopters and dozens of special fighters. It is expected to arrive in the east of Aden Bay in the early September and take over the escort task after the convoy of twenty-ninth batches of escort.

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